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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Phone Voicemail Exclusive

paltrow-news-of-the-worldTHE allegation is that the News of the World hacks did – get this – hack into the phone voicemails of famous persons in an attempt to glean information. The celebrities are said to include:

John Prescott, Boris Johnson, Nigella Lawson, Elle MacPherson, Maz Clifford and Gwyneth Platrow.

Anorak cannot but help feel a pang of pity for the hapless hacks who, it is alleged, cocked an ear of the aforesaid. If you’re not listening to Prescott order his Chinese sweet and sour pork balls and crunch crisps, you’re tuning into Clifford opining how he could have tuned Michael Jackson into a big star had he only called, and picking up noises emanating from Planet Paltrow.

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Posted: 9th, July 2009 | In: Reviews | Comments (2)