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The Daily Mail champions BBC and Hacked Off hypocrites to defeat Murdoch

Enemies can be useful when they agree with you. In a rant against Rupert Murdoch’s bid to “seize control” of Sky, the Mail calls on the great and good to side with it against one man having “complete control of a media empire spanning TV networks and newspapers”.

If Murdoch does make a bid,  Karen Bradley, the culture secretary, could call on Ofcom to evaluate whether the public will be worse off. Would the media landscape be diverse enough?

In the Guardian, Polly Tonybee in a long moan about Murdoch notes:

Letting Fox own Sky will start the campaign to undermine the very notion of impartiality and accuracy. We should never let our impartiality rules go: they make BBC news the most trusted around the world.

Eh? Why can’t the BBC continue to be impartial [which it isn’t?] whatever happens to Sky?

Predictable stuff from the tabloid hating Guardian. But less so from the Mail, which takes quotes from a bevy of sources it’s usually keen to discredit.

The BBC:

Sir Michael Lyons, who became chairman of the BBC Trust in 2007, said that Murdoch’s proposal should face a ‘fit and proper person’ test.


DAily Mail BBC


Ed Miliband:

Labour leader Ed Miliband, 46, instantly called on Mrs May to refer the bid to Ofcom and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).


ed miliband ralph david daily mail


Hacked Off:

Hacked Off – who fight for a free and accountable press – have also said the bid needs to be checked by Ofcom.


daily mail hacked off


Egregious hypocrisy, indeed.


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What does Times executive editor Roger Alton think of the Leveson Report, Hacked Off and that Royal Charter?

WHAT does Times executive editor Roger Alton think of the Leveson Report, Hacked Off and that Royal Charter? Picking up the award for best daily newspaper of the year at the London Press Club award, he said:

“Thanks to the London Press Club for standing by the British press and celebrating its excellence at a time when it’s under some ferocious attack from an unruly collection of clapped-out hackademics, coked-up celebrities, loved-up lawyers, vengeful politicians [applause, cries of ‘well-said Rog’]. They’re bastards one and all.”

But what does he really think?

Spotter: Axegrinder

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How can Simon Singh donate to Hacked Off?

Simon Singh libel appeal

DANIEL Boffey tells readers of The Observer, names of wealthy donors to the Hacked Off campaign.

He lists a few of the names: Arpad Busson, Guy Chambers and Simon Singh. Singh donated £1000. He said:

“It is about getting the balance right between free speech and a responsible press.”

Sections of the press behaved badly. They were dealt with by the law. Free Speech has no buts. It is either free or it isn’t. You can’t get to the truth if you’re shackled.

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