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Male Neurotic Sexists Wave Goodbye To The Daily Mail’s Allison Pearson

ALLISON Pearson has left the Daily Mail. Madame Arcati puicks up a doily wipes away the tears:

She’s left the Daily Mail, as expected. So I read her piece on her depression, an implied reason for her departure. As you’d expect she sexes up her condition by locating it on a fashion wave band: she’s one of the Blues Sisters. She’s Sandwich Woman. More labels that may yet hook a gullible editor into a zeitgeist tsunami of publishing cash.

Because Allison is a newspaper columnist she has nothing useful to say about either depression or her inner life. A Thurderbirds puppet lulled into a Derren Brown hypnotic trance would reveal something at least as against Allison’s spirit void.

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Posted: 30th, April 2010 | In: Reviews | Comments (2)