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In photos: Hallerton hare pie scramble and bottle kicking

IN photos: the Easter Monday Hallerton hare pie scramble and bottle kicking. The aim is to get three barrels across two streams a mile apart, by, pretty much, any means possible. Two of the bottles (actually small keg) are fileld with bear. The third is a made of solid wood. The hare pie is tossed to the crowd.

In 2005, Hallaton resident and Chairman of the event Phil Allan, 47, explained the rules to the BBC:

“There are two streams about a mile apart, and the idea is to get the bottle to your village’s stream, winning a point each time. A different bottle is used for each point played and the first village to two points wins. The rules are very simple; there aren’t any. There are a few injuries, such as broken bones and things like that but most people are unharmed…”

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Posted: 6th, April 2013 | In: Sports | Comment