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Hannah Waterman’s Weight Gain DVD: Shedding The Dead Weight Husband, In Pictures

hannahWHEN Hannah Waterman left EastEnders, we feared that we’d only see her on Father & Daughters reality TV series Daddy Pwease, in which she and dad Dennis Waterman battle it out with other dads and daughters to see which dad can give his daughter the biggest bunk up and which daughter can scream until she is sick. (Kelly Osbourne stars.)

This might be why Hannah embarked on a slimming regime that has seen her change from being a likeable, full-figured actress to a drawn, bone-faced flogger of post Fat-Mass celebrity fitness DVDs.

The cover of the DVD is fabulous, featuring a chubby Waterman grimacing, her head turned towards the new hard-bodied Waterman. It looks as though this is a “Keep Fat” DVD and the chubby Waterman will teach your how to keep the weight on and not turn into a sinewy horror.

But Hannah’s work-out was not the only way she lost weight – she shed loadsa bulk when she ditched her husband, EastEnders’ lovable loser Ricky Groves.

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Posted: 12th, January 2010 | In: Celebrities | Comment