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Can Tortured Shweyga Mullah Help Us To Hate Colonel Gaddafi: Hannibal Gaddafi And Aline Scaf Are Here To Help

CAN we be trained to hate Colonel Gaddafi – really hate him? While some claim that Gaddafi and thus Megrahi took the fall for Syria’s crimes in the Lockerbie bombing, others point to how PC Yvonne Fletcher’s killer was allowed to leave the Libyan embassy and return unmolested to Tripoli. We need an image that shows Gaddafi to be a murderous, sadistic thug. All we have are the grainy newsreel images of PC Fletcher – and don’t we look at those and feel less hate than pride in the SAS? – and tales of lies and subterfuge over the murders of 270 people on British soil. To hate Gadafi we need to see his victims. We need to see Shweyga Mullah (aka Shweyga Mulla). She tells CNN’s Dan Rivers that she was tortued by Gaddafi’s youngest son Hannibal and his wife Aline Skaf, a Lebanese former model. The 30-year-old Ethiopian nanny says Aline toruted her by pouring boiling water on her skin for not beating theri child. Reprots need to be taken at face value. but Rivers offers no coroborrating evidence.

She tells CNN:

“She took me to a bathroom. She tied my hands behind my back, and tied my feet. She taped my mouth, and she started pouring the boiling water on my head like this.”

CNN enlarges:

She peeled back the garment draped carefully over her body. Her chest, torso and legs are all mottled with scars — some old, some still red, raw and weeping. As she spoke, clear liquid oozed from one nasty open wound on her head. After one attack, “There were maggots coming out of my head, because she had hidden me, and no one had seen me,” Mullah said.

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