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Sarah Palin Gives Asif Ali Zardari A View Of Mother Russia

SARAH Palin has been meeting with foreign leaders in New York. What does he have to say? Hey, what does it matter?

The new president, Theo Paphides look-alike President Asif Ali Zardari, is ready for a Hart to Hart. He’s a Palin supporter. I’m John McCain, and by the way, her name’s Sarah, and she’s gorgeous:

The text:

Sherry Rehman, Pakistan Information Minister. “And how does one keep looking that good when one is that busy?”

Palin: “Oh, thank you.”

Presdient Asif Ali Zardari, entered the room seconds later. Palin rises to shake his hand, saying she was “honored” to meet him. Zardari calls her “gorgeous”.

Zadari: “Now I know why the whole of America is crazy about you.”

Palin: “You are so nice. Thank you.”

Curtains. Light out. Sound of gun being fired…

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Posted: 26th, September 2008 | In: Politicians | Comment (1)