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Has Holland Sold Out To Anti-Islam Leader Geert Wilders?

GEERT Wilders wants to ban the burqa in Holland. And if he forms a coalition with the Liberals and Christian Democrats it may happen. Fashion matters in the Netherlands.

Wilders is the leader of the – get this – Freedom Party. It is a negative Freedom as in being ‘freedom from’ rather than ‘freedom to’.

In June’s election, Widler’s party increased their nine seats to 24. There are only 150 up for grabs.

The Liberal party (VVD) and the Christian Democrats (CDA) have 52 seats. If they can get Wilders on side they can govern, with VVD leader Mark Rutte as prime minister.

In return for his party’s support,  Wilders will back the coalition’s economic plans.

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Posted: 1st, October 2010 | In: Politicians | Comment