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Has Julian Assange’s Fame Wrecked Wikileaks?

WIKILEAKS was huge news not too long ago. Footage of US soldiers in Iraq looked good and grainy and as if  something was going on we didn’t know about. Bradley Manning was the alleged insider doing good deeds. Truth would out.

Wikileaks then unleashed tons of stuff about Afghanistan. Lazy hacks seized on it. But there wasn’t much in it. It’s existence was the story. Wikileaks was our alternative source for news.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had an aura of mystery. Here was the David Gower look-alike that would not be pinned down by “bastards“. But he started showing off and looking like he was enjoying his fame.

He was then accused of rape, in a odd tale  short on facts that traveled well.  And Assange was reduced to being just another horny geek with a website and a son.

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Posted: 28th, September 2010 | In: Reviews | Comment