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‘Hate Mail Cleric’ Anjem Choudary On Big Brother And Being Gordon Brown’s Letter Writing Czar

anjem-choudaryTHOUGH still to get a decent nickname like his predecessors in the role of the UK’s Islamic nutter in chief – “mad mullah” Omar Bakri; “Hooky” Abu Hamza – Anjem Choudary continues to try.

The Sun dubs him the “Hate Mail Cleric”. But it’s a name that lacks pith and snappiness. It’s The Hate Mail Cleric! Presenting The Hate Mail Cleric. Here’s The Hate Mail Cleric. Anyone bother to mount a boo or a hiss in this Islamicist Smack Down? The Sun presses on:

The fanatic is sending letters to the families of fallen heroes urging them to become Muslims “to save yourselves from the hellfire”.

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Posted: 4th, January 2010 | In: Reviews | Comments (4)