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Hazel Stewart, Colin Howell, Murder And Sex On Laughing Gas

HAZEL Stewart, 48, is starting a life sentence for murdering her husband and the wife of dentist and lay preacher Colin Howell, her lover. At Coleraine Crown Court in Co Derry, she was found guilty of two murders.

In 1991, PC Trevor Buchanan, and Howell’s wife Lesley were killed. Twelve days earlier, Lesley Howell’s father died. Henry Clarke was the victim of a heart-attack. But the dead man’s relatives alleged that Colin Howell played a part in the death. The two deaths put Mr Howell in line for a £414,000 pay day.

Mr Clarke’s body was cremated. The Daily Telegraph reported that Howell pushed for it.

Says Lesley Howell’s brother, Dr Christopher Clarke:

“I don’t think my sister’s murder was a crime of passion. I think [Howell] may well have wanted to be with his new lover but I think this was logistically and financially motivated. My dad died very quickly while superficially healthy. I do wonder did Colin kill him – I will never actually know, I’m suspicious.”

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Posted: 3rd, March 2011 | In: Reviews | Comments (2)