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X Factor: Jedward, Head Lice In The House, Sanjaya Malakar And A Fix

rachel-lloydX FACTOR: John & Edward take it lice and queasy, Rachel sobs, Lloyd Daniels has not time to keep time and it is a fact that when the tabloids run out of puns for John & Edward the act will go the way of Chico Time, Mr Blobby and Little Jimmy Osmond.

And Sanjaya Malakar, the former American Idol contestant whose inability to carry a tune in his seive of a voice  and high hair led to him almost taking the title.

The Sun (front page): “Return of the JEDDIES”

Daily Mail (front page): “X-traordinary – They got through again”

Daily Mirror (front page):”Could they Twin It?”


X Factor’s gruesome twosome John and Edward don’t just murder classic Queen songs – they’d kill for a bowl of cornflakes, too. It turns out that the talentless 18-yearold Grimes boys – who are still in the competition after their worst performance so far – have a habit of knicking the other contestants’ food.

The Sun: “Twins gave us Jed lice”

THE X Factor house is feared to be infested with HEAD LICE – and the towering hairdos of John and Edward Grimes are being blamed.

Daily Star (front page):  “TWINS SECRET PLOT TO WIN”

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