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Heather Frost: which of benefits pirate’s 11 children should die in a house fire? You decide

heather frost
THE Daily Express has read the Mail’s account of Heather Frost’sterror” campaign against her neighbour. It leads with: “Benefit mum’s shocking reign of hate.

We are once more show diaries written by Doreen Freeman, 81. She’s dead. But her diaries live on. She ways Frost made her life “a living hell”. You can read extracts from of Doreen’s Diaries here.

Yesterday Dr James Freeman, a university lecturer, hit out at the council that has agreed to build a £400,000 house to accommodate benefits scrounger Frost’s huge family.

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Daily Mail trolls want Tewkesbury mum Heather Frost and her kids murdered

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WHAT’S Heather Frost been up to? The Tewkesbury Tribal elder (11 kids – one more and she can rival Jacobs and the Jews) is scheduled to move into a 1,850 square foot council-provided “mansion”. The Mail’s Simon Tomlinson holds his nose and writes:

Noise really bad… no hope of watching TV… mattresses burning… greenhouse glass smashed by rocks’: Widow’s diary reveals ‘hell’ of living next to ‘benefits queen’ mother-of-11 for five (long) years

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