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Allison Pearson: The Sword, The Money Or The Poison Pen

ALLISON Pearson, of the Daily Mail, is still talking about those City “spivs” and how they are, well, just so worthless:

Throughout the boom years, the bankers justified their stellar incomes by saying they were working heroic hours to help bring greater prosperity to us all. Oh, really? Try telling that to a soldier who has spent 180 days dodging mortars in Helmand and dreamt of nothing more than enjoying a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken in front of the TV with the family he adores.

Most bankers never have to justify their incomes, wages being a matter of market rates. And do not soldiers dream of owning islands, flying first class and watching their football team play on a massive plasma screen? Do bankers eat KFC?


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Government Goes Short On Hedge Funds

STEVIE writes that GLG has been added to the list of ‘protected’ companies.

GLG is a hedge fund.

Which makes its money shorting other companies…

GLG Alpha Select Fund aims to generate absolute returns from long and short investments, primarily in UK equity markets.

A market neutral approach aims to have a low correlation to equity markets and other long/short hedge funds.

Och-Ziff Capitalis another fund on the protected list…

The Useless Ban On Short Selling

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