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Adam Levine catches Holocaust AIDs from Honey Boo Boo

THERE is now so much entertainment out there theta the EU’s celebrity silos are at breaking point. You can know about people being famous whilst having no idea why they are famous. Take Adam Levine an Honey Boo.

I’ve only ever read about them in magazines on on the internet. A quick look reveals that Honey Boo Boo is the child star of a pisspoor reality telly show in which she is ridiculed by the knowing in exchange for being written about and having bars of fat tossed into her cage. Levine has tattoos, stiff hair and current fashions. He is either  a footballer (which he isn’t) or a pop singer (which he is).

Adam is also a judge on a TV pro-am singing contest called The Voice, in which he pretends to be blind.

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Posted: 4th, December 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment