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Macaulay Culkin, $6,000 of smack per month and a long thin face

ONCE the adorable little urchin who, somehow, kept being left at home without the intervention of Social Services, Macaulay Culkin was a gigantic banker in ’90s Hollywood. Like all good child-stars, his career went down the pan after he stopped being as cutesy as he once was.

So what’s he up to now? Well, the last we heard of him, he was getting dumped by Mila Kunis (yes, unfathomably, they were dating). But now, he’s apparently doing $6,000 worth of heroin. A month. A MONTH! That’s an admirable amount of smack, it has to be said.

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Mexican couple row over teddy stuffed with heroin

WOULD you be more unnerved by a man and a woman fighting in the street over drugs or a teddy bear? We ask in light of news Juárez, Mexico, where Efraín Vera Chávez, 39, is rowing over a teddy bear with Edith Ortiz Sandoval, 29. Police notice the fracas. Edith tells the police the bear is hers and that Efraín is in a jealous rage. She says a mystery man gave it to her and Efraín is upset.As the copper orders Efraín to hand over the bear to Edith he notices a small hole in the toy. Inside, the cop finds 245 aluminum packets filled with heroin.

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Climate Change Makes Heroin Stronger

DID you know that cliamte change has made heroin more potent?

Scienceline, New York University’s environmental reporting programme, says researchers have found that poppies grown today produce twice as many alkaloids — chemical compounds such as morphine (which can be used to make heroin) — as they did in 1950. Based on those growth levels, scientists expect the morphine levels in poppies could triple by 2050 and increase by 4.5 times by 2090.

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Avid Reader Smuggled 97 Bags Of Heroin In Bowels

NIGERIAN Rasheed Adewale Martins, 54, smuggled over 3 pounds of heroin into the US in his digestive system. He was stopped at Dulles International Airport. Martins had wrapped the smack in 97 droppings. The weight of an average stool is 123.6 grammes.

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Quite Obvious Former Smackhead, Bob Dylan, Admits He Used To Take Heroin

TAKE one look at Bob Dylan – who just happens to be celebrating his 70th birthday tomorrow, despite looking and sounding like a 70 year old since around 1964 – and you think, there’s a man who used to like bags of heroin disappearing up his puny arms.

Even the photographs of him in his youth look like he was a smackhead. Of course he was! Just about every singer in the ’60s and ’70s was strung out on the horse at some point!

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Woman With 71 Heroin Balls In Vagina Arouses Suspicion

AT the Kostrzyn border crossing in Poland, 23-year-old Katarzyna Szymanska has half a kilo of heroin shaped into 71 balls. Says a customs worker:

“There was something about the way she was walking that raised our suspicions. She seemed very uncomfortable and could barely walk a step without wincing in pain.”

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