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Starbucks v corn flakes: Cereal Killer hipsters complain about Channel 4 treatment

The hipsters at East London’s Cereal Killer breakfast bar are unhappy with how Channel 4 portrayed them. Gary Keery, one of the twins who run the prelude to the runs, writes:

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 15.05.28

In tomorrow’s Channel 4 exclusive: TV executive passes council estate on way to sushi power lunch.

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London’s Cereal Killer cafe and Belfast’s Slum shack in race to a hipster’s runny bottom

East London’s Cereal Killer cereal cafe is riding high on the news cycle. Eating cereal for dinner, lunch and tea is more likely to give you chronic diarrhea than cool. The news item on Channel 4 focused on the shocking news that Tower Hamlets is not a rich area. In fact, it’s pretty poor.

So. what kind of mugs spend £3 on a bowl of dried wheat when for the same price you can buy a cup of coffee?



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‘Jesus, This Is What The Sunday Times Thinks Hipsters Look Like’

AS Gideon Defoe puts it: “Jesus, this is what the Sunday Times thinks hipsters look like”. It’s Johnnis Boden and The Bodenios:

sunday times hipsters

Spotter: Gideon Defoe

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