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Hitler Would Have Warmed To Al Gore

how-green-were-the-nazis1NEWSWEEK loves Al Gore. Forty-six percent of their letter writers wrote on the subject of Gore, and 74 percent of them were critical but Newsweek ran only positive letters.

No big deal that a news organ is biased. But global warming is so anti fascist. Al Goreans can’t be fascists. Can they?

One missive tells us:

Propaganda by global-warming skeptics and deniers reminds me of 1944, when as an Army officer I saw living skeletons in striped pajamas. Horror stories about Nazi concentration camps suddenly rang true. I wondered how intelligent people could commit such atrocities. History records the effectiveness of Joseph Goebbels’s propaganda. I hope Al Gore and others can prevail over today’s anti–science propaganda.

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Posted: 16th, November 2009 | In: Reviews | Comment (1)