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Courtney Love says sorry to daughter, not that anyone believes she’s any less mental (Dave Grohl tweets)

COURTNEY LOVE is, without doubt, the most insane person on planet Earth right now. More insane than an attic filled with Robert Mugabe’s self-portrait pyjamas.

If you missed it, Courtney has been saying that Dave Grohl tried to hump her daughter, Frances Bean. She also said that Grohl has a ‘rapey’ thing going on. Grohl dismissed the claims while Frances, the child Courtney had with Nirvana death boy Kurt Cobain, has called for twitter to ban her mother.

Ostensibly, everyone has slowly turned their back on the Hole frontwoman because she’s not only insane, but impressively annoying with it too. While our backs are collectively turned, Love has now started shouting again… and this time, she’s sorry.

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Posted: 17th, April 2012 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Courtney Love To Write Not-Mental-In-Any-Way Autobiography

SHE may have a face like Janice from Dr Teeth’s band, but that hasn’t stopped Courtney Love from draping herself over various pieces of furniture and accidentally tweeting naked pictures of herself for all to see (see below).

She’s great isn’t she? That’s with the caveat of enjoying watching very long, slow nervous breakdowns.

And so, with that, you’ll be thrilled to learn that she’s writing her “no holds barred” memoir, which will once again see the Hole frontwoman digging up Kurt Cobain’s corpse and leaning on it so hard it snaps in two.

Let’s not forget her fondness for hoovering up drugs, her dependency on prescription drugs and the fact that her daughter, Frances, absolutely despises her, allegedly.

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Posted: 30th, September 2011 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Courtney Love Slags Lady GaGa Without A Trace Of Irony

SOME of you might think that Courtney Love is in no position to slate anyone else for anything, ever. And you’d be right because, of all the people in the celebsphere, she’s one of the most grotesque and worrying.

Shall we weigh it all up? She’s famous for being a strung-out heroin addict who had her baby taken off her. She’s a woman who has one of the most unusual faces on Earth thanks to getting plastic surgery from someone we can assume has Parkinson’s Disease. She’s taken to ranting garbled messages on Twitter, some of which attack her only daughter. She’s demented enough to have shagged Michael Stipe. She’s posted pictures of herself online with no clothes on, only to foam at the baps about how there’s some kind of conspiracy against her.

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Posted: 27th, May 2011 | In: Music | Comment