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ITV rip-off phone-in quiz of the day – This Morning asks…

ITV continues to milk its slack-jawed viewers on This Morning with Philip Schofield and smirky Holly Willoughby. In 2008, Ofcom fined ITV £5.675m for “abusing premium rate phone services in viewer competitions“. In 2007, Ofcom fined ITV’s GMTV £2m for running premium rate competitions callers had no chance of winning.

Mindful of that, complete the phrase – “each call costs no more than £1.03 from BT landlines… SMS text entries costs £1.00 plus one standard network rate message“:

“According to the daying, money makes the world go…

A. Round

B. Up

C. Down”

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Holly Willoughby’s secret tweets about an impostor

HOW does Holly Willougby, the This Morning presenter who never shares the joke,  manage to tweet while interviewing someone on the telly? Her hands are holding a script. Is she toe-tweeting?

At 10:46 Willoughby tweeted:

@leighu79@hollywills love your dress today where is it from x x” Thank you…. Its one at xxx

Where does she keep her mobile phone?

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Richard And Judy Absent From 21 Years Of This Morning Party, In Pictures

YES, we did go to the 21st birthday of ITV’s This Morning at Studio Valbone in London. Yes, we did see Peter Andre. Yes, we did see Philip Schofield dressed a jacket potato and a woman later identified as his wife. Yes, we did see the hard to like Holly Willoughby. And, no, because we did not ask how her son “Harry” was, we didn’t speak to her. (Anorak runs a daily sweepstake on how far into the show Holly will make mention her son – the record is five seconds.) and yes we did see John Leslie dressed in a blue velvet jacket, hanky and wearing an expression of a man easing into his reputation. And we did not see Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, the couple who started the TV Valium. And yes we did get pictures:


Picture 1 of 7

Peter Andre arrives for the 21st birthday of ITV's This Morning at Studio Valbone in London.

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Susan Boyle On Pride Watch: Holly Willoughby Patronises The X Factor Singer

7567515X FACTOR and Susan Boyle present Pride Watch: Pride Watch highlights instances of Remote Pride, when someone barely or not at all related to the subject says how proud they of them, a comment that at once patronises the target and takes partial ownership of their achievement.

On This Morning, X Factor spin-off show presenter Holly Willoughby patronises Susan Boyle:

“I’m very proud that she represents Britain.”

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Amy Winehouse’s Dad Mitch Says Her Breasts Are ‘Fantastic’

mitch-titsWHEN Amy Winehouse moved overseas, Mitch Winehouse waited. He and a bit. But mostly he waited.

Now Mitch is on This Morning. Philip Schofield says Mitch wrote his daughter’s obituary. Mitch says he didn’t. Schofield wonders if he’s sure? Mitch is sure.

While the researcher fetches her coat, Mitch talks about educating MPs on how to improve treatment for drug addicts. Mitch has a cause. And Holly Willoughby gives full throat to more bad research, saying that “offending addicts” go to prison and get treatment.

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Using Katie Price And Sick Children To Advertise The Bounty Mum Of The Year

4482240BOUNTY, purveyors of the baby hamper given to news mums as an inducement to them buying branded products, have shortlisted Katie Price for their Celebrity Mum Of The Year award.

There is also a Real Mum of the Year 2009, which serves to imply there is something unreal, or fake, about Katie Price and her celebrity mummies.

2007 title holder Katie is going mum-a-mum against these others, who are in no partial order:

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Tony Ball Turns Down ITV – Katie Price Responds On ITV2

tony_ballMORE bad news for ITV as Tony Ball, the former boss of Sky, has no interests in becoming ITV’s chief executive.

In the first half of 2009, the broadcaster made a pre-tax loss of £105m. The only shows worth watching are the X Factor – because it makes money – and soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Without them ITV has nothing.

Time for Simon Cowell to be given full control over the channel, with Katie Price working under him, or just dry humping his chair – oh, the ratings.

In the meantime, here are those ITV schedules in full:

ITV 1: Coronation Street; Emmerdale; Coronation Street; Soap Bloopers III; The Tony Ball Interviews

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Noble Peter Andre Feels Like A Middle-Aged Virgin

7783202PETER Andre is making his debut on the new season of This Morning, with breastfeeding Liverpool aficionado Holly Willoughby, when Philip Schofield tells him that he’s been “very noble and very dignified and very gracious”.

The Anorak dictionary has been a work in progress for some years, and right now the finest linguistic minds are working on how “noble”, “dignified” and “gracious” are similes for Peter Andre accusing his now ex-wife Katie Price of being “cheap” and “disgusting”.

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Holly Willoughby Presents Harry On This Morning

7567515THE more we see of ITV presenter Holly Willoughby the less likable she becomes.

Happily for Holly, she’s been spending most of her time on ITV2, which means she is supremely popular. But now she’s landed a job as Fern Britton’s replacement on This Morning we will be seeing a lot more of Holly.

In readiness for this, Holly talks with Hello! magazine, and right away introduces her child, a son called harry and her own range of clothes, and did she mention Harry?

Little Harry” has been on the X Factor tour with Holly. Holly says she “always wanted to be a mum” – now she’s a professional mum:

“I always wanted to be a mum, I couldn’t wait – when I had my maternity leave all I did was watch daytime TV, so now I feel a huge part of the This Morning audience will be people like me, mums with young children – now I’ve got Harry I can empathise with the viewers in that way, which is nice.”

As a mum, Holly will be expected to talk about her child and give knowing looks to the mums back home waiting for the Valium to kick in and Neighbours to start.

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