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The Greatest Voice in Hollywood, Hal Douglas, RIP

hal douglas rip



IT doesn’t matter who you are in Hollywood, fact is, you owe something to Hal Douglas.

You may not know who Hal Douglas is. He’s not exactly a household name, and sadly Douglas has just passed away, aged 89. However, we should pay tribute to Hal because he is the most legendary voice-over artist in Hollywood.

Douglas’ distinct delivery featured in thousands of trailers.



Douglas was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2010 and died with his family by his side. He took with him a remarkable, unmistakable, rich baritone which could go from epic and theatrical, to campy and over the top.

He broke from the booth to star in the trailer, with his face, in the Jerry Seinfeld film The Comedian, where he poked fun at his own work and appeared on-screen for the first time in his 40 year career.



One of Hollywood’s true, true greats has left us and, should you feel the need to pay your respects to Hal Douglas, you can do so at

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Star Wars Blooper Reel Turns Op Online


STAR WARS is a film that is extraordinarily well documented and new stuff shows up all the time. However, one of the best finds is this original blooper reel from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope which has been released.

Originally released by Lucasfilm editor JW Rinzler for this summer’s Comic-Con, the footage features Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Alec Guinness and some Stormtroopers that will make you titter.

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Hollywood: How the Zombie beat The Cowboy

TRUE **it.  The Zombie beats The Cowboy:

“Sometime in 2011 the total number of film plots with the keyword ‘zombie’ passed the number of film plots with the keyword ‘cowboy,’ according to the Internet Movie Database. One might argue that the zombie has become the great American archetype of the postmodern era, as the cowboy was the American archetype a century ago. With the release of Brad Pitt’s $200 million zombie epic World War Z, what used to be the stuff of low-budget shockers has entered the American cultural mainstream. Therein lies a lesson.”

zombie cowboy

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Heights of Hollywood male film stars

IS there an optimum height for silver screen success? Do large heads atop small bodies work best on screen? Click to enlarge:

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Top Gun director falls to his death in thoroughly awful suicide

TOP GUN director Tony Scott, younger brother of Ridley, has committed suicide after falling to his death from a bridge in Los Angeles.

Scott’s death has sent Hollywood into instant grieving, with celebrities taking to twitter to offer sympathies and pay tribute. The director was responsible for some of the most fun films in cinema, such as Enemy of the State, Days Of Thunder, True Romance and Beverly Hills Cop II. Ron Howard went for a simple: “No more Tony Scott movies. Tragic day.” Martha Plimpton meanwhile said: “So very, very sorry to hear of the death of Tony Scott. A terrible, terrible loss of a truly talented, brilliant man.”

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Halle Berry rushed to hospital, possibly for lack of ability

THRNNNNK! That could well have been the noise made by Halle Berry’s bones as she injured herself while on the set of The Hive. That’s right. Berry was involved in an incident which saw her being rushed to hospital last night, which is all very worrying.

The actress was working on her new film – which also features Abigail Breslin and David Otunga, whoever they are – when the incident occurred and an ambulance was called to take her to the Cedars Sinai medical centre in Los Angeles.

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Scientologist spies sent to follow Katie Holmes after Tom Cruise split

OVER the weekend, the New York Post ran one of the most wonderfully salacious articles ever written about Scientology, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. If you don’t want to read it all, it’s claimed that Holmes was groomed to be Tom’s wife and signed a 5-year contract to be his missus, with a $3million yearly bonus for staying with him, and of course, those 5-years are now up.

Of course, Scientology gossip is pop-culture catnip and the stories are going to be numerous over the coming weeks as everyone stands around muttering about how weird it all is.

And now, it is claimed that there has been Scientology spies deployed to stalk Holmes after she filed for divorce on Thursday in NYC, citing irreconcilable differences and seeking sole custody of the couple’s daughter Suri (there’s a whole other conspiracy theory surrounding Suri’s parentage, but we’ll save that for another time).

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Rot-oh! Hugh Laurie: RoboCop

DID you know that there was a remake of RoboCop afoot? You have 20 seconds to comply with your answer. Did you know that Hugh Laurie is likely to be involved in it? Imagine him in his Jeeves & Wooster guise, mincing around burning debris and killer androids!

Alas, Hugh won’t be playing Jose Padilha’s RoboCop, rather, getting the gig of being the chief baddie in the film. Classic ‘Get An Englishman To Play The Baddie’ move from Hollywood there. Alan Rickman will be furious!

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More Mel Gibson lunacy caught on tape! Still not keen on Jews, murder plot and thrilled at the death of Lennon

OKAY. Where do you start with Mel Gibson? His formerly glittering Hollywood career would be as good as anywhere, but all that’s been knocked into a cocked hat as he’s erupted back into our lives as a grade A nutjob. His ex, Oksana Grigorieva caught him on-tape, saying that he hoped she got raped by a pack of N-bombs and he allegedly said a load of tremendously anti-Semitic things to officers of the law.

And then he appeared in public with a beaver grafted to his arm. Yep, Mel Gibbo is as crazy as you can get, but, he’s learned his lesson right? WRONG! That’s because he’s at it again, yelling and reportedly giving it to the Jew both barrels.

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Kid Casting: child actors who played the young stars on film and TV flashbacks – photos

KID Casting is David Shumka’s tribute to the children hired to play the young adult in films, whether in a flashback or a dream sequence. You know the kid who played a young Woody Allen in Annie Hall? His mum might. What about the class who played the young cast of Lost? It was their big break. The youngster Roger Daltrey in Tommy is called…? Did the youth who played the young Robert Redford in The Natural grow up to be a star? Who played the young Voldermort on Harry Potter? The young Tina Fey in 30 Rock? Somewhere in Tinsel Town is silo marked “I Was The Young…”

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Michelle Williams and Jason Segel become coolest couple in the world?

CELEBRITY couples are, for the most part, a gigantic pain in the balls. They parade themselves like parrots, squawking away at the paps and flaunting their extraordinary lives at us in a series of courtside seats, huge yachts and red carpet events. All the while, we stare at our Super Noodles and wonder how many ways we can conjure up our hatred.

However, not all celebrity couples are hateful, loathsome swine. Rumour has it, we’ve just got the nicest, coolest couple in the universe.

Apparently, Michelle Williams has fallen head-over-heels in love with Jason Segel, making them the most pleasant pairing of celebrities since Karl and Lenny from The Simpsons. A source told Us Weekly: “They are smitten and very serious.”

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Everyone cries ‘Who Is Billy Crystal?’ as he blacks-up for Oscars

CELEBRITY is a funny thing. It’s fleeting and elusive and, even if you’re Billy Crystal who starred in That Orgasm Scene From When Harry Met Sally, as well as hosting numerous Oscar ceremonies, it doesn’t mean you still have currency. And so, after some time away from the Academy Awards, Crystal was asked to host once again, after Eddie Murphy dropped out.

And how did it work out? Not well at all.

See, there’s been a reasonable amount of furore after Crystal decided to ‘black-up’ for his opening sketch for the show. Adopting a ‘black face’ is a bit… well… 1970s. People don’t stand for it these days, unless you’re Phonejacker.

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Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, no more?

REJOICE! Well, rejoice through crocodile tears because, you people who have a fantasy about somehow getting Johnny Depp or Vanessa Paradis to fall in love with you, will have to pretend that the news of their potential split is really sad. You’ll have to say you really care about it all.

Meanwhile, you’re mentally punching the air and feeling ten shades of thrilled! Maybe this is your chance to allow your fantasy to become real.

Naturally, a pig like you could never land a superstar like that. They wouldn’t even let your face in the inner-sanctum of celebsville. Not that Depp and Paradis are fond of life behind the velvet rope.

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Vanessa Hudgens Wants Young People To Watch More Films

YOU may now her as That Disney Girl Who Appeared Naked On Your Internet After Some Self Taken Pictures Were Leaked, but Vanessa Hudgens is actually a serious thespian. And don’t you forget it.

And she really cares about the art of film making. So much so, she’s encouraging young people to watch a wide variety of films.

Get that young people? She wants you to watch more movies! What’s that? You wish people would actually make something worth watching once in a while? Fair enough.

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Scarlett Johansson Hates Ryan Reynolds Dirty New Celebrity Girlfriend

YOU may think of Scarlett Johansson as little more than That Actress In That Thing You Dis/Liked or That Woman Who Showed Her Boobs To Everyone By Accident, but she’s clearly more than that.

She’s massively jealous too!

This, of course, comes from a source and, as you know, sources know EVERYTHING. So what’s she getting irked about? Well, the source of ire is her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds. She may be the one who dumped him and ran off with Sean Penn, but she’s got the hump because he’s got together with professional wild child, Blake Lively.

“When Scarlett split from Ryan after two years of marriage, she quickly rebounded with Sean Penn, even though Ryan still wanted to reconcile,” reported Hollywood Life on the divorce. Around that time, Reynolds and his big dumb face said that he was very much in love with Johansson.

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Lindsay Lohan Back On Form As She’s Accused Of Lobbing A Drink At A Photographer!

TIGER BLOOD may no longer be running through Charlie Sheen’s veins, now that he’s announced he’s sober/tedious, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up on gawping at tragic celebrities who can’t stay out of trouble. See: Lindsay Lohan.

That’s because, despite her best efforts, Lindsay Lohan is causing small controversy again.

This time, she’s ALLEGEDLY (great word – you can write any ol’ junk if you include it in an article) thrown a drink over a photographer at a New York Fashion Week junket.

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Kate Winslet Lurves Roman Polanski Despite… Y’know… All That Having Sex With Children Thing

HEY! If you’re some kind of monster who has sex with underage girls, take solace in the fact that, no matter what, Kate Winslet will still love you.

Of course, we’re not talking about any ol’ kidfid here. This is a special, talented one. And that man is Roman Polanski who is on the run from the US police after pleading guilty to unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl.

Despite his penchant for cricket on a wicket with no grass, Kate is still ready to praise the “great” Polanski as she promoted his first film release since he was released from house arrest. Ain’t that sweet?

She said, forgetting about all that child stuff:

“When Roman Polanski invites you to join him in any project you really don’t say no. I felt extremely fortunate to be included. We were working with the great Roman Polanski. We are only human beings and we are still perfectly capable of being terrified, whoever we are.”

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Demi ‘Bruiser’ Lovato Talks About Punching A Dancer

ROLLER COASTER is a way of describing the past year that kids’ fave Demi Lovato has had. She’s dated a Jonas Brother (who cares which one? Seriously. They’re all grown in the same laboratory), split up with him, gone mad, self-harmed, gone into rehab, got an eating disorder, got diagnosed as bipolar and, most importantly, punched the crap out of one of her dancers.

Demi says:

“I was completely out of line all summer. Just the worst attitude – totally ungrateful.”

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Mark Your Hats! Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Date Is Confirmed!

HAS everyone bought a hat? It doesn’t matter what type of hat you buy. A bobble hat will do. Even a verruca sock stretched over your bonce as a makeshift swimming cap will suffice. We need hats because there’s a wedding afoot which not one of us will be allowed to attend!

HUZZAH! It’s just like the Royal Wedding all over again!

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The Heavens Rejoice As Lindsay Lohan And Paris Hilton Seem To Be Friends Again!

THE celebritiest people on Earth – Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton – were once bestest of pals, but alas, they did what all Typical Girls do and fell out over absolutely nothing, before indulging in a bitch-off, which was part funny, part horrible, part incredibly tedious.

But that seems to be all over now because they at food at the same table without murdering each other in cold blood! That’s right fans of fame! The celebutante and the actress had a dinner date at the Giorgio Baldi (brother of Gary) restaurant.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Won’t Be Supporting Shriver, Despite Their Son Being Nearly Dead

IT’S bad enough that Arnold Schwarzenegger had it away with the maid and worse still that he didn’t use contraception, leaving him with a secret love child which he kept under wraps for over a decade. Then, Arnie’s wife – Maria Shriver – found out and his marriage, understandably, dissipated into the ether.

So you’d think that Arnold would be willing to pay his way to his family by way of apology, right?


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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Go And Spoil Someone’s Wedding

CHEEK! The absolute cheek! Warbling foetus Justin Bieber and his child-bride, Selena Gomez, were walking along a beach in Malibu together when they heard Bieber’s wretched song, One Less Lonely Girl, playing at a party.

Instead of being quietly pleased that his autotuned pap was being appreciated and getting on with his life, the little swine decided to go and steal everyone’s thunder by gatecrashing.

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J Lo And Ex To Star In Awkward Reality TV Show Together

THE whole world was rocked to its firey foundation when Jennifer Lopez and someone called Marc Anthony (aka Booty & The Beast) decided to call time on their relationship!

‘You seemed so happy together!’, ‘You were the most perfect couple in the history of humanity!’, ‘Why didn’t you let us see that sex tape where you got your lovely bum spanked Jennifer?!’ cried humans into the ether, hoping that their words would float on the winds and into the sculpted ears of J Lo and that guy she was seeing.

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