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X Factor: Joe McElderry Hits Lucie Jones, Lily Allen And John & Edward’s Soiled Suits

x-factor3X FACTOR round-Up: Joe McElderry hits Lucie Jones, Lily Allen sings, Strictly Come Dancing flails, John & Edward soil their clothes and evil Lisa Hayden-Johnson…

Metro: “X-Factor Lucie Jones left in tears after ‘bust up’”

X-Factor beauty Lucie Jones was left in ‘agony’ after she was struck in the face by a tambourine by show rival Joe McElderry back stage.

Can McElderry copy Danyl Johnson’s Stacey Solomon shtick and help Lucie Jones connect with her tears?

The Welsh beauty cried out in pain after the 18-year-old misfired throwing the instrument in the air, striking the stunner direct in the face…

But injured Lucie was left stunned, wondering whether her nose had been broken after she reportedly crying out: ‘Ouch! What the hell did you do that for? It really hurt.’

It’s the X-Ray Factor. But did she cry? If you’re going be the new Cheryl Cole, you’ve got to cry:

The injury was an extra blow for Jones, 18, who was left in floods of tears on Saturday night’s show after her big band performance failed to win over Simon Cowell.

Hold the tambourine, literally. Lucie Jones is already crying.

Mirror: “AXess all areas”

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Hollywood’s Home Alone John Hughes Dies

john-hughesJOHN Hughes has died. Who he? Anork’s Man in La looks at the life of a man who was a force behind the Hollywood glitz:

Now John Hughes, the mysterious Chicago-based filmmaking auteur of a very midwestern brand of classic comedy (from writing National Lampoon’s Vacation to writing and producing Home Alone to writing and directing Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), has dropped dead at 59.

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