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Not A Hate Crime: Homophobic, Anti-White, Domestically Abused, English Hating Blackburn Siblings Jailed For Attempting To Kidnap Sister’s Lesbian Lover

Siblings blackburn muslims


TO Lancashire, where a woman’s six siblings have been arrested for trying to kidnap her white, non-Muslim girlfriend and threatening to murder her. They did because she had “messed with the wrong Muslims”.

Nazma Ditta, 28, one of nine children, was having a love affair with Sarah-Jane Harrison, 35, a colleague at Blackburn’s USC Clothing clothes shop. One day in June last year, a trio of Nazma’s sisters accosted Harrison outside the store. They beat her up.

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Posted: 27th, January 2014 | In: Reviews | Comment

James Arthur Cancels All Engagements Thanks To ‘Exhaustion’, Which No-one Believes

PA-17467296 (1)

HAHAHAHA! Yeah, right!

That’s the general consensus which met the statement that James Arthur is cancelling all his engagements after being diagnosed with acute exhaustion.

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Soulja Boy Was Hacked When He Did A Racist All Over The Facebook Gays

DESPITE the fact Soulja Boy can’t even hold the vaguest of notes while performing his odd, skewed take on rap-pop, he became something of a sensation. He got his swag on and everyone else forgot to utilise the primary function of their ears.

Soulja Boy, for those half a dozen people who still care, is also famous for getting involved in numerous ‘beefs’… that doesn’t mean he’s opened up a kitchen, rather, he likes slagging people off. And the latest people to face his ire are The Gays and Whitey.

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Blake Sheldon Totally Doesn’t Hate The Gays

COUNTRY superstar, Blake Sheldon, has been accused of being a stinkin’ homophobe. Of course, what with him being a country and western singer, roughly 99.7% won’t be at all surprised at the notion of a God fearing dust bowl balladeer not being too fond of the gays.

However, Blake Sheldon is a modern, groovy kinda Stetson wearer and everyone has got him all wrong.

See, Sheldon is still taking his spurred boots from his mouth after he reworked some of Shania Twain’s lyrics on twitter, leaving “The Voice” coach apologising so frequently that he’s begun to look insincere.

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