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Honduran teenager sells baby for bunch of grapes

TO Honduras, where Karina Castro has sold her daughter for $5 and $1 worth of grapes at Belen Market. Karina Castro is 18 and suffers from mental illness.

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Honduras prison fire: what started it and why did the guards leave prisoners to die?

IT’S grim in Honduras. In Comayagua, Honduras, 90 miles (140 kilometres) north of the capital, Tegucigalpa, at least 300 inmates have been killed and 21 are injured, according to the authorities. In all, 356 prisoners are dead or missing – 475 escaped. Many were locked in their cells when the fire struck.

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World Cup Photos: Spain’s Fabregas Yawns As Honduras Wrestle

SPAIN v Honduras proved that there are easy games in the World Cup – as if any further proof were needed after Portugal sent North Korea’s valiant players back to the demarcation zone ‘Sea of Mines’ with 7-0 thumping. England v Slovenia should be just as straightforward.

If John Terry can channel his ego into strikes on goal, England will run out 9-0 winners.

But we must give some credit to Honduras; or at least to their fans. They produced a display of masks not seen since wrestling was last broadcast on ITV’s World of Sport on rainy Saturday afternoons. Gerard Pique continued with his impression of The Mummy. Photos:


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A masked Honduras fan blows a vuvuzela in the stands prior to kick off

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