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Shergar’s DNA found in Burger King burgers and Waitrose pork pies?

“SHERGAR KING!” yell the Sun. Burger King is to “dump millions of burgers in dodgy meat alert.”

Managers have been told to box up Whoppers, Angus burgers and patties in a safe area and mark them with an X to ensure they are not sold to customers.

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Tiny horses would rather catch the tube than walk

HUMANS are brilliant because they’ve worked out ways of not doing things in increasingly elaborate manners. Want to get somewhere? Make a machine take you. Stupid animals do all that walking while we are flung around in metal contraptions, feet up, listening to music and reading books.

We even poo inside.

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Miniature horse disguised as lion performs tricks for human monkey (video)

TO the Verden Private Stallion show 6th of Feb, where Luma, the miniature horse is dressed like lion and behaving like a dog. Luma is supported buy his trainer Mélie Philippot, a white-faced Saki monkey dressed as a Roman hairdresser…

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Gloucestershire Horse Has Biggest Moustache In The World

AND the horse with the biggest moustache is….ALFIE!

The 15-year-old shire cross of Bitton, Gloucestershire has a seven-inch long moustache. Says Stable Manager Hayley Coxteth, 20:

”He is a very headstrong horse and is very proud of his moustache. He is a real character.”

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Horse Semen Is A Zizzy Drink In New Zealand

ANYONE who fancies a drink of stallion semen, and who doesn’t fancy another trip to a fetish farm in rural Germany, can head to New Zealand’s Hokitika Wildfoods festival for a mouthful of racehorse owner Lindsay Kerslake’s oats.

Says she:

“Horses are pure testosterone, you know. They have hardly any cholesterol, so the idea is you knock it back and feel like a stallion yourself. You’ll have as much zizz as a stallion for a week afterwards.”

Anorak guesses (and despite the rumours, it is only a guess) that it will take longer than a week to remove the taste of horse zizz. (Jeremy Paxman fanciers can write in and tell us.)

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IN today’s Horse Jump Fail of The Day we go to Sao Paulo, where the lads are forming a human diamond for horse and rider to jump through.

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Einstein: World’s Smallest Horse Video

HAVING introduced you to Einstein – the World’s Smallest Horse (batteries not included), we now bring you the video of the item they are already calling next Christmas’s must-have toy*.

* Einstein horse eats, poops and dies just like a real horse. (not suitable for racing jockey’s over 2stone.)

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Pooh Horse

POOH horse…

Gracie the horse, of Pullman, west Virginia, was cut free from the tree….

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