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How Lily Allen Blew The Music Industry

lily-allen16MOST overblown tabloid tale of the day is in the Times, where Patrick Foster and Dan Sabbagh lend their names to the Lily Allen-inspired headline:

Blow for music industry as Lily Allen says Peter Mandelson’s plans too draconian

This would be the same gilded Lily Allen who yesterday “passed the baton” and would no longer deliver her confused and hypocritical comments on music piracy?

We’re less certain as we read:

The industry has been stricken by infighting since Lord Mandelson, the Business Secretary, proposed that the connections of those who consistently flouted the law should be suspended temporarily. Supporters of the plans, which at one stage included Allen, became involved in public arguments with the Featured Artists Coalition, which includes the musician Billy Bragg and members of Radiohead and Pink Floyd.

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