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How ‘Loathsome’ Jan Moir Buried Herself And Stephen Gately

jan-moirIN Anorak’s Stephen Gately Watch, we brought you news of the Daily Mail’s Jan Moir and her headine shocker:

“Why there was nothing ‘natural’ about Stephen Gately’s death”

On the Mail’s site the healdine has now been altered to read:

A strange, lonely and troubling death . . .

The article is a calcualted slight that seems to suggest Stephen Gately’s being gay caused his death. The piece even talks of murder. You can read Jan Moir’s choicest cuts here, like this gem:
Whatever the cause of death is, it is not, by any yardstick, a natural one. Let us be absolutely clear about this. All that has been established so far is that Stephen Gately was not murdered.

And you can follow a spoof – no, Jan Moir is not the work of master parodist – Twitter feed, highlights of which are:

Janmoir and #janmoir:

jontypryor: is about to have a bath. I may drown. Y’know, cos I’m gay… (kudos to @kevpeel) #janmoir

grabcocque: It’s the kind of article that makes you want a shower after reading it. If you happen to know #JanMoir, do your duty by giving her a slap.

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