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Howard Jacobson: why Christians make the best Nazis and Islamofascism is a myth

Howard Jacobson nails it. Why only Christians can be Nazis. And why Islamofascism is an amplified myth:

‘Christianity is key here,’ says Jacobson. ‘Muslims have needed the Jew less [historically], although there’s a lot of Muslim anti-Semitism now due to the Middle East. [But] Christianity’s had to leave [Judaism] behind, so it’s had to hate it, it’s had to say, we are not that, we are not that anymore, and then to say we were never that – so that’s a necessary hatred.’

‘And then out of that grew a sense of the possibility that all cultures have to have someone to hate. Not just a scapegoat. It’s more essential than that. Who am I, what am I? I am not that. To the degree you know that, you know who you are.’

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Posted: 19th, December 2014 | In: Books | Comment (1)