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Tabloid Watch: what it looks like when the Sun takes on a local newspaper

hull police the sun

When the Hull Daily Mail reported “fantastic photos of Humberside Police officers having fun at Hull Fair”, the story was upbeat:

Whilst working effortlessly to ensure the safety of the tens of thousands of people who visit the annual event, police officers and PCSOs have managed to find a few moments to enjoy some fair favourites.

A copper was quoted:

“Hull Fair is one of those rare opportunities where it is a fantastic to be a police officer because the people are actually pleased to see you.”

When the Sun spotted the story, its readers were told of a “POLICE FARCE”. And, yep, it was an “exclusive:


Hull police the sun


People noticed:





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Brexit balls: Trump’s Hull declares war on the BBC

Hull occupies minds at the Sun. On page 13, Kelvin MacKenzie praises the city’s residents for their “very good sense”.


Hull city of culture the Sun


They voted for Brexit by a “whopping 70 percent”. Hull is the “kind of city Trump identified”. It’s the City of Culture. It’s deserves better than the BBC’s radio report on Siemens investing in the place, during which the pro-Remain Beeb’s reporter was “so wrong” to turn “the whole interview over” to Brexit.

Can this be the same Hull that over pages 8 and 9 is overrun by “yob mayhem” as “lashed-up louts sparked New Year carnage in Hull”? As one “partygoer” tells the Sun: “I’ve been in quieter warzones.”


Hull city of culture the Sun

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Arsenal Balls: Hull Plan To Copy Gunners Victory Parade

arsenal parade


THOSE arrogant Southern sods at Arsenal have only gone and planned an FA Cup victory parade before the match has even kicked off.

The Yorkshire Post says this cockiness will inspire plucky Hull:

Tigers ready to snarl as Arsenal 
plan victory parade before final

ARSENAL have had to wait almost ten years since they last celebrated winning a major trophy. But now the Gunners have caused a stir by planning a party for an FA Cup final triumph – before the match against Hull City has even been played.

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Hull MPs Want Page 3 Banned But the Official Brochure Says Poppy Morgan Is Part Of The City Culture

[poppy hullTHE secret’s out. The power behind Hull’s elevation to the UK’s City of Culture is Poppy Morgan, a star of straight-to-tissues films.

Marketing manager Nicola Baker explains: “The Culture Guide has proven to be enormously popular with cultural organisations and the public. It has also been an excellent form of promotion of the Hull City of Culture bid and was used extensively as a backdrop on the day when Hull was announced as the winner, being featured on national and international media reports.

“A large number of groups and individuals contributed suggestions of people, places and events for inclusion. Poppy Morgan is an acclaimed actress – albeit in the adult film industry. She won Best Female Actress of the Year at the 2006 UK Adult Film and Television Awards in London. This guide is clearly not about condoning porn but it is about celebrating Hull’s diversity of culture and entertainment.”

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Hull man built bomb workshop at home – you might laugh

PAUL Smith built a “bomb workshop” at his Hull home. At Hull Crown Court, Mr Smith was sentenced to a 10-year anti-social behaviour order banning him from owning fireworks and flares not “commercially available“, and handed a 12-month community order for the crime of owning explosive substances.

Smith said it was his “hobby“. We might note that all bomb making stuff is commercially available so long as you head to the right arms fair.

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Cigarette smoker takes chainsaw to Hull pub (video)

TO The Endyke pub in Hull where smoker Dean Dinnen is rebelling:

Drinkers were forced to flee for their lives when a drug-fuelled maniac burst into their pub and lunged at them with a chainsaw just minutes after he was thrown out for smoking.

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The Mysterious Case Of The Hull Baby Left On A Path At 3am

IT’S 3am in Hull. Joel Redhead – “a student” – is 18. He spots a 17-month-old baby “abandoned in her pram“.

He tells the Sun:

“I was about to walk by the pram, but I saw a head and realised it was a baby inside. She was awake, but not crying — I just couldn’t believe my eyes. The pram was in the middle of the path. The baby was just in the pram with a black blanket over it.”

So… He pushed the pram to a friend’s home. He called the police.

The baby was taken to Hull Royal Infirmary, East Yorks. She’s fine.

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Hull Family Threatened WIth Big Fine If Child Makes Too Much Noise In Garden

ALFIE Landsell is so noisy that his mum and dad could be forced to pay a £5,000 fine if he fails to stop. Hull City Council tells Simon and Pippa Lansdell that a complaint has been made about their four-year-old son.
Says Mr Lansdell, 35:

“When I first opened the letter I was shocked, then I was absolutely fuming. We are not sure who has made a complaint. The neighbours we have spoken to are absolutely disgusted about it. Alfie can be noisy and boisterous, but he is just a normal 4-year-old playing in the garden. It’s the summer holidays, for goodness sake. Children need to play outside. I can’t believe the council took this complaint seriously. I think it makes them look very stupid.”

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Hull Beats Alexander Guttenplan In University Challenge Final You Didn’t See

THE final of University Challenge 2010 and boy wonder Alexander Guttenplan –captain of Emmanuel College, Cambridge – is up before Jeremy Paxman – know all.

Gail Trimble guest stars.

Hull reacts…

Note: In the version broadcast after much editing and such, Guttenplan’s Emmanuel College beat St John’s College, Oxford 315-100, as the hero correctly answered the poser “Promis you won’t tell” with a nod…

N-note: The presenter said “good guess” after Guttenplan correctly answered a question about poet W. H. Auden. The student replied: “It wasn’t a guess.”

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John Terry’s Chelsea Present The Premier League Goals, With Arsenal, Aston Villa And Spurs In Pictures

THE Premier League is not only on Sky Sports. It’s on Anorak. In pictures.

Here are the pick of the week’s images, featuring John Terry’s head, Frank Lampard’s embrace, Arsenal, Manchester United, Hull City, Sunderland, Spurs, Aston Villa, Man City and more…


Picture 1 of 15

Aston Villa's John Carew (Left) and Bolton Wanderers' Matthew Taylor (right) in action

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