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Hundreds dead in Sun newspaper horror story – Trevor Kavanagh reports

IS Whitney Houston the Sun’s woman of the year? With 11 Sun journalists under arrest, the singer dies and gives the paper its first nine pages of news. Who needs journalists when you can press f9 on the keyboard and hear such news as:

* “Rihanna: I’m out of words”

* Aaron Ramsay of Arsenal in “Goal link to death” – the story that the Wales captain’s goals for the Gunners are followed by the death of a big name: Osama Bin aAden, Colonel Gaddafi, Steve Jobs and now Whitney Houston.

* Simon Cowell saying Whitney had a “great voice”. But would she have won the X Factor?

* Gordon Smart saying it is “JUST LIKE JACKO”.

* Page 2 has pictures of some pharmaceutical drugs Houston might not have taken – but might have!

It’s all happy days at the Sun. A dead star. Glory be!

But senior staffer Trevor Kavanagh, the paper’s associate editor, tells BBC Radio 5 Live’s Richard Bacon Show that the mood on the paper was “despondent” and there was “a feeling of being under siege“.

“There has never been a bigger crisis than this…there is certainly a mood of unhappiness that the company proudly, certain parts of the company – not News International I hasten to add, not the newspaper side of the operation – actually boasting that they are sending information to police that has put these people I have just described into police cells.”

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