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Ant McPartlin: airbrushing the drugs doesn’t make him a role model

Ant McPartlin, the taller one from Ant ‘n’ Dac, is on the Sun’s cover. “ANT NOT GOING HOME TO WIFE,” runs the headline. A “source” tells the paper that Ant and his wife, Lisa Armstrong, are “struggling to find a way to move forward together”.

Lest anyone suppose there was something more to this story, on page 7 readers are told: “ANT’S FACING XMAS ALONE.” Poor Ant! The “telly favourite faces a lonely Christmas in a rented pad.” Anything else? Well, Ant is “getting over an addiction to painkillers following knee surgery”. Nothing illegal, then. No illegal drugs are mentioned, just the ones sanctioned by the State and pumped out by big pharma. “Ant is focused on recovery,” adds the source.

Lest we wonder why Ant has left home and how it is that recovery does not include being in the bosom of his family, the “source” tells us that Ant is delighted the “public still support him” and his wife is “having a good time with her pals”.

We do like Ant and Dec, who are easily the best things about I’m A Celebrity, which features a nice enough platoon of celebs. The pity being that none of them are interesting. But there is something PR-driven about the Sun’s “exclusive”. It was the Sun which broke the story about “booze, pills and substances”:



In a world exclusive interview, emotional Ant tells The Sun on Sunday: “I was at the point where anything — prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs — I would take.

“And take them with alcohol, which is ridiculous. The doctors told me, ‘You could have killed yourself’. ”

Dec is the victim:

Squeaky-clean Ant’s descent into dangerous prescription drugs came after he damaged his knee in 2014, then had a botched operation on it the following year.

Is he that squeaky clean? Dan Wootton says he is. And he adds: “Ant is bright-eyed, trim and sporting a youthful new hairstyle when we meet.”



In 2013, Ant and Dec were interviewed in the Guardian:

By the laws of show business, at least one of them should have succumbed to the traditional hazards of child stardom – drink and drugs, sexual transgression, monstrous egomania. Yet, with the solitary exception of a drunken night involving Dec and a lap dancer, which ended up in the tabloids, the pair have been almost freakishly clean. Have they never even tried taking drugs?

“Years ago, yeah,” Ant admits, “but we’re not really druggy people, that’s the thing. I think you either go into that crowd as a kid or you don’t, and we didn’t. We found the love of alcohol very early on and we stayed with it.” Laughing, Dec adds, “There’s a real pub culture where we’re from in Newcastle, so we’re just more boozy people.”

If one had ever been at risk of self-destruction, though, who was the likelier candidate? Without hesitation, both point at Ant. “Probably me, yeah,” he admits. Dec points out affectionately: “There’s nothing like the love of a good woman, though.”

Ant’s plight then becomes a campaign:

“‘I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE’ Three ex-addicts reveal agony of getting hooked on prescription medication like TV star Ant McPartlin

The number of opioid painkiller prescriptions in the UK has doubled over the past decade to 24 million – yet nobody knows how many people are struggling with addictions



We should all wish Ant McPartlin well. But to suppose he’s not a human being susceptible to the same temptations as the rest of us buys into the myth that anyone who appears on the telly is a ‘role model’. We don’t mind it when rockers and artists take drugs and illuminate our lives with bursts of vibrant culture, so why should we care if a talented, immensely likeable and engaging TV presenter does? Screw the PR guff. What Ant does to his own body is his own affair.  We’re big enough to understand that, right?

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Jack Maynard: let’s feed him to the cockroaches and Dennis Wise

JAck Maynard


They’re gunning for Jack Maynard, the YouTuber who left the I’m A Celebrity Jungle accused of making alleged racist and homophobic tweets. Exposed by the Sun, Maynard is hammered by the Mirror, which leads with his face and the headline:”Teenage girl: I’m A CelebJack begged me for pic in my bra.” It might have been kinder to have Jack Maynard buried in a cockroach-infested hole in the Australian jungle with Dennis Wise for company. But that’s not to diminish from his apparent offence. Being buried alive for TV entertainment was too good for him.

On page 8, we read: “Your boobs are nice & would look good in bra shot…Ever take one?” The claim is that Jack “pestered the girl” when Jack was 17. We’re told there is “no suggestion he knew the girl was only 14 at the time”.

We then get introduced to the ‘victim’, who says she was a fan of Jack’s brother Conor Maynard and “sought his advice on becoming an online model”. They then allegedly got into an exchange, in which Maynard was told he is only famous through his brother and he told her: “Who the fuck even are you? You’re an ugly freak.”

We then hear from her: “I looked up to Jack as a role mode and I found his persistence annoying. But I saw it as relatively harmless flirting given the small age gap… I don’t think he was aware I was younger than him. He was just a bit of a dickhead…” The Sun ignores the bra and says, “he had also begged a 14-year-old fan to send him nude pictures.”

The Sun also quotes the ‘victim’, no aged 10, who says: “He was 16, I was 14. It was something that happens to everyone. [The Mirror said he was 17.] I never once felt harassed. We were kids, it’s not once harmed me at all in any way. It’s in the past. It is a serious allegation to make, but you’re a kid, you make mistakes. He didn’t know how old I was, and I didn’t know how old he was at the time. I cannot stress enough that the messages were harmless.”

And that’s it. “I’m sorry to anyone that I upset, anyone that I offended, anyone I made feel uncomfortable,” says Maynard. “Growing up I was all over social, my entire life was on social media an through that it led to be my job. I’ve tweeted some bad things, some horrible things, that I’m just ashamed of.” The Sun says he wad “grinning” and “smirking” when he apologised in a video.

Thankfully, no journalists ever said anything that might have caused offence.


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Jack Maynard: outrage as ‘racist’ vlogger avoids being eaten by rats

So farewell, Jack Maynard, aka ‘YouTuber Jack Maynard’, who has left I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! to sort out “circumstances outside camp”. Maynard wanted to “do the internet proud”. And he did just that, introducing the TV-watching tribes to life on the web. As the Sun thunders: “YouTube sensation, 22, was forced to apologise for racist and homophobic slurs on his Twitter account where he branded users ‘retarded’.”

Twitter’s a bit like a 1970s comedians showcase, albeit without the wit, laughs, likeable characters and fun.



The Sun took it upon itself to “reveal” some of Maynard’s “racist and homophobic tweets”, although it saw reason to edit them. Too rude for the paper that used to feature stunnas on Page 3 and still advertises phone lines for onanists seeking on-the-clock relief – yesterday readers were invited to call “X-Rated Cheap Girls – 18-94 Year Olds” and “HOT GIRLS [age unspecified]”. Thankfully, Pink News is less prudish. Damning Maynard as someone “famous for being the younger brother of singer Connor Maynard”, we read:

When an abusive commenter suggested he had profited off of his brother’s fame, Maynard hit back: “Completely forgot you know how I got it YOU RETARDED FAGGOT”.

He also used what the mainstream media terms ‘the N-word”. Censorship is provided by the Sun. (If you want to read the bad words, you need to get yourself on twitter.)



So Jack’s gone to spend time with his selfies, denying his accusers the chance to watch him being locked in a buried coffin and terrorised by rats. You had your chance.

Even better is the “spokesperson for the vlogger” – yep, even narcissists have their limits – who tells the Sun:

“Jack is ashamed of what he said in these tweets, many of which were deleted a long time ago and were sent in response to a neighbour who was bullying him. Jack was a lot younger when he posted them in 2012 but realises that age is no defence.”

Anyone else read that and see an adult explaining the action of a child? Jack is a big boy, says the grown up, and he knows he has done wrong. That leads to the a classic non-denial denial with sympathetic back story:

“He would never use that language now and realises that, as someone who was bullied himself, this kind of retaliatory, inflammatory, insulting language is completely unacceptable.”

Look at Jack Maynard less as the perpetrator, but as a victim living out fantasies born of a difficult childhood.

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Scarlett Moffatt: the fix, the fake, the OK! wedding and shoes you can see your titties in

Now that Scarlett Moffatt is a bonafide celebrity on account of her victory in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!, instead of just a ‘normal’ young woman watching them on the Gogglebox telly, the tabloids set about here. Over pages 4 and 5, the Star labels Scarlett a “Fake”. “Lift selfies show champ was milking it big time,” says one headline. “Queen Scarlett Faked Her Fear,” thunders another.


scarlett moffatt


Scarlett Moffatt and Vicky Pattison have “kicked off a fierce rivalry” we’re told. How so? “Last year’s winner  [that’s Vicky] was blasted for ‘plonking’ the crown on new queen Scarlett’s head.” And that’s not all. At the after show party Vicky and Scarlett “were not snapped together”.

Having positioned two young women as catty rivals – plus ca change – the Star then turns to the fakery. “Apparently pictures of Scarlett in a lift prove she was faking it when she told her “celebrity pals throughout the show she had a phobia of confined spaces”.  You might argue that being “sealed inside a coffin like space” and “covered in creepy-crawlies” is not quite the same as pouting in a lift. But Scarlett is quoted as having said: “I feel I can do this because I might finally be able to go in lifts.”

Like Tom Cruise’s lifts, what goes up, will eventually come down, so we get news that this is “the latest in a string of claims that the show was fixed in her favour.” You mean it’s edited? You mean it’s not a fly on the gonads slice of life? You mean focusing on the single young woman gets more viewers than listening to the sixty-something bit-part EastEnders actor moaning at the needy middle-aged bloke off the mid-morning property show?

I mean would Danny Baker be subject to the Sun’s front-page headline, “I’ll spend winnings on caravan and new boobs”? Says Danny, sorry Scarlett: “Now thats I’ve lost weight, and my titties are cleaning my shoes, I would like them lifted to where they are meant to be.” All over Page 3?

And on the Mirror’s Page 1, where the boring bloke whose girlfriend shagged John Terry (allegedly), sorry, Scarlett is talking of her fantasy “Willy Wonka wedding”.  She wants a wedding just like Jordan and Peter Andre’s do. Yeh, she wants OK! to pay for it.

Of course Scarlett was installed as ITV’s preferred winner. The rest of them were a mixture of man-children, TV-creations with lower profiles than a soup spoon and dullards. As the Sun says, out of 500 visits to the Bush Telegraph room, “whip-smart” Scarlett made 104 of them. She talked to us. And we enjoyed listening to her.

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I’m A Celebrity threesome shocker: Scarlett Moffatt has Ant’s in her pants

Can you trust front-page headlines? The Daily Star’s cover story is that Ant and Dec have been in a “threesome” with “Jungle Scarlett”. Life moves pretty fast for Ant and Dec, the TV duo who just yesterday were triggering a “race storm” with “sensitive” Australians. Todays it’s a threesome with Scarlett, whose full name and title is “camp President Scarlett Moffat”.


Scarlett Moffatt threesome I'm A Celebrity


Over two pages of I’m A Celebrity news, readers scan for sign of the threesome. And in the small print on page 5, we find it. Scarlett Moffat, “star” of TV’s Gogglebox “reckons she should team up with Ant and Dec as a Geordie trio”. For sex, right? For a threesome?


Scarlett Moffatt threesome I'm A Celebrity


No. Scarlett made her views known not in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, rather in a book, in which she opined: “Imagine handing out with those boys all days and having a laugh.”

Yeah, just imagine that. Although if you’re a Daily Star reader, you’re most likely blown 30p imagining so much more.


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I’m A Celebrity offends ‘Sensitive Australians’ and other crawling creatures

Hats off to the Daily Star for one of the most absurd and joyous front pages. The paper brings news that Ant and Dec are in a “RACE STORM.

Ant and Dec are the faces of ITV’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, a show that’s been running so long the local wildlife has unionised.

The story is that Ant and Dec have insulted “sensitive Australians” by calling them “uncouth layabouts who rarely wash. The paper’s bit about the Poms’ joke upsetting “sensitive” Aussies is brilliant.

Years and years of storied abuse between the English and the Australians and the Star sets new standards. No longer rugged and tough, Aussies are “sensitive”.

It’s all very touchy feely Down Under.



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I’m A Celebrity: Charlie Brooks votes UKIP and enjoys more child-free days

ON a game called Door To Door,  I’m a Celebrity foddeUKIPr Charlie Brooks was invited to open a door. Pick the right door from five and she’d get a prize. The prize was a child called Kiki. Jimmy Savile had not fixed it for Kiki to meet Charlie. Kiki is Charlie’s daughter. She’s seven.

Charlie picked the door marked UKIP Rotherham and instead of a child got herpes or congenital warts. She said it was “heartbreaking” not see her kid. She said it was a “kick in the guts“. She then went and sat on a log in a TV studio in the Australian rainforest and bemoned her luck.

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Dougie Poynter Wins I’m A Celebrity: Will Fatima Whitbread Be A Late Entrant To BBC Sports Personality Of The Year?

DOUGIE Poynter, the bassist from McFly, is this season’s King of the I’m A Celebrity jungle. But the real winners are the Sushitty Grub and bush pig penis he ate in the interests of good telly, Look out for Dougie advertising the frozen penis grub ring for Iceland next year.

Also, if the BBC is still grubbing around for a women to add to the Sports Personality of The Year list, we offer 1997 winner Fatima Whitbread, who had a cockroach syringed from her nose and whose competitive fires caused her to reflect on the “immense” pressure of gathering insects into a vat. She also debated the rules of Family Jungle with Essex torch bearer Mark Wright in the kind of detail Sky Sports usual reserves for a Wayne Rooney yellow card. Jamie Redknapp’s future on the sofas is severely threatened.

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I’m A Celebrity: Bewilderingly Untalented Mark Wright Discovers Kent

I’M A Celebrity smirker Mark Wright’s Quote Of The Year:

“It’s making me grow up and realise that life’s not all about Essex”

Next week, Mark makes a day trip to Kent..

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Jane Moore On Fatima Whitbread And Those Insignificant Dwarves

JANE Moore is telling Sun readers about I’m A Celebrity agonist Fatima Whitbread:

“If testament was needed to the strength of women, then look no further than I”m A Celebrity contestant Fatima Whitbread… a mental fortitude that dwarves even the msot impressive of life achivers.”

Even those of record-breaking female dwarves.

Jane, Fatima Whitbread is patron of the Dwarf Spots Association of the United Kingdom.

Note: Fatima is not Gary Davies. No, she’s Andy Day from CBeebies.


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I’m A Celebripty: Freddie Starr Turns Japanese On Coco Austin’s Bootiful Camel Toe

DAY 3 of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here does Saga Holidays and Freddie Starr has been rushed to a nearby hospital. The hamster-muncher has suffered a severe allergic reaction something – most possibly to Lorraine Chase’s vest and Mark Wright’s smirk.

Anorak had expected it to be a ruse, a comedy ploy that would allow Starr to go feral, dress as a World War 2 Japanese soldiers (with fixed-eye joke shop glasses, huge teeth and Rising Sun bandana) and launch attacks on his campmates. It turns out, however , that he really is ill. The tabloids eat up the news:

The Sun (front page): “Freddie Starr Ate My Camel – Comic in hospital after eating beast’s toe”

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I’m A Celebrity: Jessica-Jane Clement Mistakes Mark Wright For An Roo’s Anus And Eats Him

JESSICA-Jane Clement is the I’m A Celebrity strumpet with the double barrels (not ‘arf!). News is that the 26-year-old mo-del has been told she can’t wear the engagement ring her 45-year-old lover, one Lee Stafford, gave her in case… Well, what reason does the Sun give?

A) One of the other celebs in the jungle clearing will murder her for it while she sleeps. We name no names…but Crissy Rock, everyone, Crissy ROCK.
B) Someone will mistake it for a kangaroo’s anus and eat it?
C) Mark Wright doesn’t try to squire her in a hammock?
D) It ends up weighing more then her?

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Fatima Whitbread Impostor Shocker: I’m A Celebrity Hopeful Might Be Gary Davies

FATIMA Whitbread is in this season’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. But might it be that the Olympian is actually some other celeb? Has anyone see Gary Davis, aka 1980s DJ “Ooooh Gary Davies”..?

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Let’s Watch Freddie Starr Cry On I’m A Celebrity! Full Line Up Revealed

SUNDAY sees the start of a whole new season of colon-chomping misery once again as I’m A Celebrity… GET ME OUT OF HERE! kicks off a new series, set to make a star, briefly, out of someone with a dreadfully faded, dog-eared career.

And who are the latest gaggle of attention seekers to find themselves in a forest filled with witchetty grubs, waiting to be popped in mouths like pus-filled cherry tomatoes?

First off, we have the vacant dimwit and The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright making his way there, hoping to become the next Peter Andre/conquest of Katie Price. He’ll be joined by pint-sized Willie Carson and McFly’s Dougie Poynter who no-one over the age of 30 can recall the face of.

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I’m A Celebrity Contestants Return In Photos: Gillian McKeith’s Poo Fetish Explained

THE I’m A Celebrity gaggle arrived back at Heathrow Airport. Shaun Ryder hid his copy of Wuthering Heights and got back into character. He was with wife Joanne, son Oliver and daughters Pearl and Lulu. Oliver, Pearl and Joanne are all solid names of the old school. But Lulu belies the lurking luvvie.

Dom Joly emerged with his wife Stacey and daughter Parker and son Jackson. Dom’s children have surnames as first names. That is true middle class, with a dash of Republican Americana. Shaun Ryder, take note.

Linford Christie with and his daughter Brianna. Sheryl Gascoigne was with her children Bianca and Regan. Stacey Solomon cradled son Zachary. Lembit Opik sidled up to someone called Merily McGivern, which may be made up name.

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I’m A Celebrity: Gillian McKeith Flavours Her Sanitary Towels With Herb Cubes

GILLIAN McKeith aka Gillian The Reptilian, was rumbled in the jungle. The woman who sniffs poo and then tells the fat they are abnormal, who is phobic about everything besides cameras, says she is “so pleased now I’m away from it all“.

This was Gillian’s chance to get back on the telly, her rightful place (or so she surely imagines). She spoke in TV tones, stating that if she did not do as instructed she would never work in TV again – as if TV was an actual place with rules and bylaws and not a massive void waiting to be filled by the vapid and needy and anyone with bit of paper that says “EXPERT”.

Says Gillian in answer to the question: “What surprised you the most in the camp?”

“During one Celebrity Chest, we were told about the number of Google hits we’d been receiving. I was amazed by the amount of hits I’d had in the jungle. Then I thought, ‘Wow, how embarrassing. That’s because of the whole fainting thing’.”

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Did I’m A Celebrity Gillian McKeith Fall Pregnant From Live Kangaroo Sperm?

I’M A Celebrity Bush *ucker Gillian McKeith is – shock of shocks – pregnant. So far we have revealed:

* Gillian The Reptilian is NOT a kangaroos anus but an actual contestant
* Gillian is a reptile
* Gillian can faint without being near anything that she could hit her head on
* Gillian have never sniffed her own poo on the telly

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I’m A Celebrity’s Kayla Collins Fights Colour Prejudice In Black Bikini: Photos

KAYLA Collins wore a black bikini on I’m A Celebrity. Can a black bikini do for Kayla what a white two-piece did for Myleene Klass?

Are we ready to vote for a black bikini?

Or is democracy still raddled by colour prejudice that we had hoped Barack Obama’s election…

(Continues for 76 pages).


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I’m A Celebrity Shocker: Gillian McKeith Not Kangaroo Rectum But A Contestant

GILLIAN McKeith might look like a kangaroo’s rectum but she is actual fact a CONTESTANT on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Gillian The Reptilian is in line for her seventh bushtucker trial. And having fainted and dodged the sixth trial, she needs something dramatic to escape the maggots this time.

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The Gillian McKeith Song: The I’m A Celebrity Reptilian

GILLIAN McKeith is on I’m a Celebrity. This is her song. Gillian you are reptilian…

Take her away, Brett Domino….

Leeds Tribute To Michael Jackson On Keytar

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I’m A Celebrity: Gillian McKeith ‘Sweats It Out In The Bush’ (Then Wrings It Out In A Beaker)

WITH Gillian McKeith in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, Anorak has sent one of old Mr Anorak’s relief nurses out to buy a degree from Debenham’s and stand in the lavatories at Euston train station. She is holding her nose as fat people emerge panting and spent from cubicles. She is telling them they need to be better at pooing. Gillian, your country is in safe hands.

Gillian is appreciate of our efforts to remind the fat that their excrement smells. She has written to Anorak. She is still flogging her keep-fit, lose weight, poo- better club. And the missive come with coupon called the “jungle offer”.

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I’m A Celebrity: Gillian McKeith’s Fitness System Is The Compliance Of Science

IF, like us, you subscribe to Gillian McKeith online you will have learnt of the Gillian McKeith Fitness System. Says the email on the day Our Gillian is screaming in dark box:

Gillian McKeith’s Fitness System Launches Today!

It’s the product of McKEITH RESEARCH LTD, a pseudo scientific name. And this is science. Gillian has a glossary of scientific terms:

ORDER – This is the order of how you should perform the exercises.

(Slow down, Gillian! Take notes. Questions later.)

It is also science because Gillian introduces us to ‘Foam Rolling’ (frothing at the mouth as your bite into a crocodile’s knob) and says:

There are many studies to support the efficacy of regular moderate fitness exercises

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I’m A Celebrity: Gillian McKeith Shrinks Your Love Organ

I’M A CELEBRITY: Can we make Gillian McKeith faint again? The star of You Are What You Eat – and that makes Gillian a hairy anus (or what she might call a “love organ”) – is the walking contraceptive and killjoy who will stop your eating of biscuits and finding happiness in a big iced bun. Smaller is better. And Gillian is tiny.

Gillan knows what is best for you. Just get a load of how terrific she looks. Not her scowling outward appearance, naturally, but her bowel and sphincter, which are stunning.

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I’m A Celebrity: Jimmy White’s Career In Pictures

JIMMY White was not always the I’m A Celebrity gonad muncher, a man officially more popular than Colon and Just-in, the market traders from EastEnders and a Hollyoaks actor. Jimmy White was once the world’s greatest snooker player. He remains the greatest player never to win the World Professional Championship, being a losing finalist on six occasions (1984, 1990-1994). When Jimmy White played, Anorak Towers used to hold its breath. Jimmy White was once sublime. This is the man’s life in pictures:

I’m A Celebrity’s Sam Fox’s Career In Pictures
Me And My Chest: Peter Andre’s Career in Pictures
The Katie Price Burning: A Life In Pictures
I’m A Celebrity: Joe Bugner’s Career In Pictures


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I’m A Celebrity Star In Death Horror

tick-im-a-celebrityTHE real stars of I’m A Celebrity are the bugs, the insects that are made to touch celebrity flesh and forced to endure showbiz teeth without the aid of sunglasses. You want to know why ANT ‘n’ Dec got the job? It’s all to do with dimensions and the dumb luck of a birth certificate.

But Chris Packham is unimpressed. Packham hosts Autumnwatch, a show brought to you live from a hut by a tree, in which you can hear and see Packham and other BBC employees watching British wildlife in the wild in the manner of pre-war school teachers examining a banana.

“I’ve seen spiders with plugs on their fangs. It’s not going to do them any good.”

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