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Backbiting causes Iain Dale to quit blogging

In a rather surprise move top Tory blogger Iain Dale has decided to call it a day. Dale has been blogging for five years now and his blog is regularly cited as one of the most read in the UK.

If you read the post announcing the move on his blog, it is clear that Dale has had enough of blogging for personal reasons.

Dale says

The truth is, I no longer enjoy blogging and I think that this has been evident for a few months now to my readers. I hate the backbiting that goes along with it. I hate the character assassination that is permanently present. I no longer enjoy the pressure of feeling I have to churn out four or five pieces every day. I used to enjoy sitting in front of the TV at home in the evenings and writing blogposts at the same time. I can’t do that any longer as I am on the radio every weekday evening. And when I am in the office during the day I have two companies to run. Something has to give.

And if I am honest, I now feel that my blogging is having a negative effect on various aspects of my business and broadcasting life.

Dale will now focus on his media work and running a publishing company. We wish him well. It is actually quite moving to read the comments on his blog and he clearly has played an important role in UK politics over the past few years. If you want the dirt on UK politics we can heartily recommend this fella

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John Prescott Fist Bumps Iain Dale

JOHN Prescott has started blogging in the run up to the UK general election.

And quite entertaining it is too. His latest post takes up Tory blogger Iain Dale for suggesting that Prezza doesn’t write his own posts.

Appealing to a blogger’s vanity works. Dale notes the reply – and recognition – and offers:

As I say, respect to JP.

Watch out for the fist bump…

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There Are Concerns That The Nation Of England Could Be About To Go Bust…

“There are concerns that the nation of England could be about to go bust…” – Sky News ticker, spotted by Iain Dale

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Gordon Brown’s Word For The Day: Deflation

HEY, tax doesn’t have to be taxing.

Just ask Gordon Brown. It’s easy. You just say, “Make it so” and you can raise more taxes than a priapic Caesar.

Gordon Brown is talking about deflation. Every week Gordon introduces a new word into the British lexicon. This week’s word is deflation.


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Ian Dale’s Plan For Middle East Peace

Iain Dale said…

Anonymous 3.10, I quite agree. Of course both sides have to work together to achieve peace. Its for that reason we are seeing the Palestinian negotiator on Thursday.

Think big…

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