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On Day Ian Redmond Is Buried Scary Daily Mail Says Great White Sharks Have The UK Surrounded

CAN Ian Redmond’s death be used to spread fear in the UK? Yes.

As you know, Mr Redmond died while on his honeymoon in the Seychelles. He was buried in Lancashire today. (We have photos but does anyone need to see them?) The tabloids have feasted off the story.

The death of man thousands of miles from home is tragic but lacks immediacy. Then news arives that a man has been killed by sharks while swimming off what the Mail terms “paradise island” – that’s Fantome Island well off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

Wikipedia describes paradise thus:

A leprosarium was established on the island in 1927. Upon its closure in 1974,[2] it was purged by fire. The island is the site of 200 graves. The island was also a mission under the influence of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary.

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The Sun Mauls Seychelles Shark Victim With Nonsense, Myth And Fear

IAN Redmond continues to occupy minds at the caring Sun. The Lancashire man who was killed by a shark on his Seychelles honeymoon has kept the Sun in sensation. Having been told that the fish was controlled by the moon ( a piece of nonsense we discounted with rudimentary research) and that the killer was a Great White and a bull shark , of the type that “inspired” Jaws, we are told told:

FISHERMEN believe one of two tiger sharks caught yesterday is the monster that killed… Ian Redmond.

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Ian Redmond Was Killed By A Bull Shark, A Tiger Shark And The Moon: All The Tabloids Facts

WHEN Ian Redmond was killed by a shark in the Seychelles the Sun said he had been “eaten“. He wasn’t. The paper then told us that the shark was a bull shark, of a type that had inspired the film Jaws. Now the Sun tells us that the shark was “thought to be a Great White“. You know, like in the film Jaws.

And this shark is controlled by the moon, apparently:

THE shark that killed a honeymoon Briton may be driven to strike by the full moon, fishermen warned yesterday.

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Ian Redmond’s Death By Shark Could Have Been Worse, Says Daily Mail

IAN Redmond has been killed on his honeymoon in the Seychelles. His death is on the front pages of the Sun (the treasure hunt – “Find my Ian’s wedding ring“), the Mirror (Mrs Shark’s view – “SHARK’S WIDOW SPEAKS“), the Mail (the ‘it could happen to you’ – “Lovestruck on their perfect honeymoon – then the killer shark attacked“) and the Telegraph (the conclusive – “Final picture of shark attacks couple“).

Sharks are always big news in August, most often when potted off the coat of Bridlington, Brighton or Bournemouth. But this time a Briton has been killed by one overseas – in a place the tabloids remind us over and over where Prince Williams and Kate Middleton honeymooned.

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