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Ian Wright: when the Arsenal striker tore a Man City star’s foreskin

As a powderpuff, toothless, guile-free, limp Arsenal lose 3-0 to Manchester City in the League Cup final, minds turn to how it used to be when players actually ran and looked like they were living the dream. You know, when Ian Wright played for the Gunners.

Wright is the player who grow up on Honor Oak council estate in Brockley, south London, whose mother told him “I should have had a termination”;  who left school at 14; who at age 18, whilst working as a labourer, became a father; who after countless rejections became at 22-years-old a professional footballer with Crystal Palace; who ran and ran and ran and ran.

“I spoke with Arsène for a few hours during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil,” says the former Arsenal star. “He is such a fascinating man to talk to. During our conversation he said he accepts whatever criticism I make comes from a place of love. Watching him now is like witnessing the ageing Muhammad Ali against Larry Holmes, or watching Brazil’s Ronaldo when he got fat. You are watching the greats in their demise. The problem with Arsène is that there is no one in his corner prepared to throw in the towel.”

Arsene Wenger’s time was up years ago. A combination of loyalty to the man who moulded the club in the modern era, and an asinine board and absentee owner grown fat and complacent on big dividends from the club’s role as perennial Champions’ League also rans, have kept Wenger in situ. His current team are woeful.

Do any of them want it as much as Wright did? Talking to the Sunday Times, he tells a story, which is undoubtedly the most entertaining thing Arsenal fans will have seen today:

“First time I got called up for England. I am amongst the greats. Bryan Robson, Shilton, Butcher, Barnes, Lineker, Beardsley, Gascoigne, Platt. But I’m losing the ball in training and Steve McMahon’s giving me a hard time.

“’F*****g useless, how do players like you get into the squad?’” Horrible he was, and it got me down. Years later he [McMahon] is playing for Man City and we both slide into a tackle. He had to go off. It’s at Highbury and after the game he’s in the doctor’s room being stitched up. It’s his foreskin that is being stitched.

“He says ‘Wrighty, you caught me in the wrong place,’ but is OK about it. I apologise and wish him well for the rest of the season. After we retire I meet him somewhere and he’s saying that every time he pees or has any form of arousal, he feels a little pain and thinks of me. And I’m thinking, ‘ah man, that’s sweet.’”

If you’ve got the time, this is great: Ian Wright meets Mr Sidney Pigden, his old teacher who made him believe he could do it:


And this:

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Arsenal balls: shameless Ian Wright joins the Get Ozil bandwagon

Arsenal great Ian Wright has responded unkindly to Mesut Ozil’s polite request that former Gunners “stop talking and start supporting” the team. The much maligned Ozil – often unfairly criticised (see here, here and here) – posted a message on Facebook. He wants the clubs, former players working in the media and its fans to get together.



The bit of Ozil’s message that irked Wright and his fellow to-deadline media whores was:

Personally I’ve had to accept a lot of criticism during my time in London. ‘Too expensive, too greedy, bad body language, and lacking fight’ – this is what people have said about me.

Some of these comments are made by those who do not know me, some are made by former players – both successful and unsuccessful during their time here at the club.

Although criticism is something that all football players have to deal with, I nevertheless expected legends to behave like legends – my advice to these former Gunners: stop talking and start supporting!

Wright careered onto BBC Radio 5 Live to rant:

Sign a contract if you feel that strongly about people criticising the team because you’re somebody who is integral to Arsenal’s success.

You’re not signing a deal and you’re probably going to continue to hide behind the fact that (Alexis) Sanchez is the one that everybody’s going to say, “Is he going to go?”.

Why haven’t you signed yet? That’s what I would say to you. If you feel that strongly, why haven’t you signed yet?

A player that is not actually performing on the pitch is coming out, calling people out and he’s not signing a contract.

It’s laughable.

Ozil must wonder what he ever did wrong to end up Arsenal.


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Arsenal in decline: blame the greedy board not Wenger

Alex Oxlade-Chambelrin, the 24-year-old Arsenal footballer is worth – get this – £40m and £220,000 a week in wages. Possessed of less fight than a LibDem activist at a cannabis conference, the man media calls ‘The Ox’ (on account of his running style?) becomes the player who will next year or maybe the year after that or the year after that be utterly brilliant for Chelsea.


arsenal oxlade wenger


Surely Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger’s was wearing blinkers or a salesman’s shiny jacket when he told everyone a few days ago how Oxlade-Chamberlain was “one of the players we want to build around in the future’, who caused Wenger to say: “I’m convinced that he will be in the next two or three years the English player everyone looks at.”

The smart move would be for the Gunners to now ship out Alexis Sanchez and any other player not keen on staying the course.  Arsenal should take the £70m (Daily Star) Manchester City are willing to part with for Sanchez. They should then sack Wenger and the patently useless Ivan Gazidis, the chief executive who called for a “catalyst” for change, and saw it delivered in a 4-0 tonking at Liverpool in which Arsenal performed like moving cones on a training pitch. Although, in fairness, Gazidis didn’t specify which way the line of travel would be. But now we know it’s clearly downwards.

Sacking Wenger is the opinion of Ian Wright, the former Arsenal striker , who tells Sun readers: “GO, ARSENE.” A pall of uncertainty hangs over Arsenal and, according to Wright, it’s all Wenger’s fault. Wrong. It’s the owners who are to blame. They hire. They fire. The Arsenal board has grown fat on Wenger’s ability to delivers Champions’ League cash and a team capable of packing out The Emirates. They suits merely call for more of the same year on year. Coming fifth placed in last season’s Premier League should not have earned him a new two-year deal on an increased wage.

The Mirror says senior players are “fuming” over the lack of changes and singings at the club. Others might wonder why just a year after buying Shkodran Mustafi and Lucas Perez for a combined fee in excess of £50m, both are being touted for sale.

After yet another poor start to the season, Arsenal are “stale”. The Mail says the training routine never changes, adding that the club’s majority shareholder, ‘Silent’ Stan Kroenke, will keep backing Wenger – until the dividend cheques stop coming and the fans stop buying shirts.

If you want to know what’s gone wrong at Arsenal, be like ‘The Ox’ and follow the money.

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Arsenal balls: real Gunners fan know we’ve never had it so good

When Arsenal were wafted out of the Champions’ League, losing to Bayern Munich by a mere eight goal margin – 10-2 was the final result – former Gunners’ striker Ian Wright told BT Sport:”It’s a sad day because we’ve gone out again at this stage. We’re going through a period in our history that’s the worst.”

Arsenal fans who’ve supported them before Arsene Wenger’s revolution – and yes, I’m one – can recall when watching the Gunners gave you neck strain, the half-time act was a marching band and the turf seemed to repel the ball into the stratosphere.

Wright joined Arsenal in September 1991 for £2.5m. In season 1992-93, Arsenal finished 10th, scoring 40 goals – the lowest total of any club. Arsenal finished below Aston Villa, QPR, Blackburn Rovers and Sheffield Wednesday, none of which now play in the top flight.

It’s not the end of the world to be tonked by a better team. It’s just a big reminder to all the fans who turn up only to watch their side win that Arsenal have never had it so good…

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Ian Wight Balls: Chelsea must sell ‘foolish’ Costa, the Blues’ best player

Chelsea striker Diego Costa is playing well. Ian Wright has noticed. He says Chelsea are riding high in the Premier League because of Costa above all else. The former Arsenal striker writes in the Sun:

“I have a message to all those who say Diego Costa has finally got his game under control: It always was. There are plenty of people who reckon it’s all down to the fact he has calmed down. Yet to me, even when Costa was picking up yellow cards, he remained massively in control….  he always knew how far to push it. He’d have picked up far more than a single red card in his time at Stamford Bridge if that wasn’t the case.”

In Marxh 2015, Costa was sent off in the FA Cup at Goodison Park. It was his first red card in a Chelsea shirt. It was his first because he’d been lucky / sneaky. Before that red card, Costa was banned twice in a Chelsea shirt, both retrospectively, by the FA for incidents missed by the officials during games against Arsenal and Liverpool.

So much for the facts, then. And what about all those who say Costa is a hothead? People like Ian Wright, who opined in 2015:

“I would sell him at the first opportunity I get for Costa. I’d sell him… He’s antagonised at the moment. If I was a defender I would just keep talking to him, it takes him away from his game.”


“Martin Keown… would have relished the challenge of Costa. Whatever we say about Costa, he plays on the edge. His hold up play and the runs he makes, honestly, he’s good. Martin could deal with all that and the foolishness as well.”

Such are the facts.

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Arsenal great Ian Wright says any England win with Liverpool’s Raheem Sterling would be hollow



“KEVIN PIETERSEN let his country down — but Jack Wilshere hasn’t, say Ian Wright, who adds in his Sun column:

The flak Jack copped for his views on foreign players representing England is outrageous. And I agree with everything Jack said. You MUST be English to play for England. KP can say whatever he wants but he was born in South Africa — it isn’t the same him having the Three Lions on his chest…

It’s like cheating. Any victory that requires foreign help is hollow. If you’re English and not good enough to play for England you don’t just go and play for Ireland.

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Pick Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand for England because he pushes striker’s over


IAN Wright still writes for the Sun. He wants to talk about Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand. Over pages 50 and 51, Wright supports Rio for England. Good. Ferdinand is a great player. If he’s good enough to play for United against Real Madrid, he ‘s good enough for England. But what can England expect from Wrighty’s England stopper?

“Rio earned the last of his 81 caps against Switzerland in June 2011 and, over the course of time, has lost some of his pace. But as he has continued to show, the guy has not lost his quality. As he illustrated with his shoving of Fernando Torres in Sunday’s FA Cup tie with Chelsea, he still has some fire in his belly.”

Great. Rio’s the man for the big occassion becsue he pushed over a Spanish striker facing the other way. How will that ever fail..?

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Ian Wright gets confused explaining racism anti-racism T-shirts

IAN Wright has things to say about the decision of Manchester United’s Rio Ferdinand to show he has a mind of his own and not wear an anti-racism T-shirt:

Says Wrighty on the 12th paragraph of his rambling rant:

“I hate the attitude of some people who have questioned the players for not wearing the tops. Players have been wearing T-shirts for years and it has not made any difference. That is why I never get involved in their campaigns as it is tokenism. T-shirts? Is this the best we can do?”

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Ian Wright begs us to like weak-minded Ashley Cole and respect authority

TIME for our occasional look at the Sun’s writings of former England, Crystal Palace, Arsenal and West Ham footballer Ian Wright.

When the Andrew Mitchell pleb gate-gate row was on the Sun’s front page days after day, Wright told readers:

IN football, we have a campaign called Respect. It’s a code of conduct for players and managers aimed at stamping out abuse aimed at referees. Tory MP Andrew Mitchell clearly needs to learn some respect after his outburst at police officers…

We need to show the police force respect. This is absolutely vital, especially in these times….

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Ian Wright explains Robin Van Persie’s thinking to Sun readers

A FEW quick words on Robin Van Persie’s looming departure from Arsenal:

‘That Robin van Persie should want to leave Arsenal should be no surprise to anyone.” Steven Howard, Sun, July 6, 2012

“I was astonished when I was told Robin van Persie wants to leave Arsenal.” – Ian Wright in his Sun column, July 6, 2012

More inside knowledge from Ian Wright every week in the Sun.

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Ian Wright outlines his vision for England to win the World Cup

CAN England win under Roy Hodgson? At Euro 2012, the team did as well as Sven Goran Eriksson’s sides ever did (three times in major tournaments), chucking themselves into tackles and running themselves into the ground, as is the custom. But can they improve? Ian Wright outlined his vision to Sun readers:

1. Blame the foreigners:

While no one can knock the quality of entertainment on show every week, we have to realise why that is. And, in my book, it’s because of the huge number of foreign stars lighting it up rather than our own.

2. Bring in the old losers

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Ian Wright On Garry Cook And ‘Shambolic’ Manchester City Is The Most Stupid Thing You Will Read This Year

IAN Wright wades into the self-awareness and guile of a Glastonbury camper with diarrhea heading to the portaloo. His article for The Sun is so appalling, so lacking in nous, insight and sensible thought you wonder for his sanity – and that of the paper than continues to employ him. He writes:

I FELT extremely disappointed when I read the story in yesterday’s Sun about the e-mail sent to Nedum Onuoha’s mum from Manchester City. How can anyone possibly think it’s acceptable to joke about someone suffering from cancer?…

Now City have to investigate this disgusting behaviour by a member of their staff and sack whoever wrote that e-mail.

Have to. Wright has spoken. They. Have. To.

They can’t sweep this one under the carpet. Nor can the FA and the Premier League.

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Peter Doherty Spits Up On Live At Five

LIVE From Studio Five features Pete Doherty in the vicinity of Minnie Stephenson, one of the actual hacks who appear on the show to remind you that Ian Wright rolling his eyes and rocking back and forwards like a demented Weeble is not necessarily hard news. Anyhow, Minnie is “splashed” by Doherty’s beer as the singer promotes the Libertines reunion.

Minnie looks at the wetness and says “it’s so rock and roll”. Well, actually it might not have been splash, more spittle. If so, Minnie should count herself lucky. That spittle is worth a few quid on open market. A quick lick of her blouse and she’ll be rocking and rolling like that poor sod who sits in the doorway of your local Londis.

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Katie Price Meets Jermaine Jackson, Peter Andre Opens Up a Virgin

jermaine-jackson-hairSO what’s Katie Price been up since she was on I’m A Celebrity Me Out Of Here? You can find out as Katie Price speaks to Live From Studio Five, the Channel shout-a-thon presented by former footballer Ian Wright, model Melinda Messenger and Apprentice runner-up Kate Walsh.

Also on the show is Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine, who has also been notably quiet since appearing on Celebrity Big Brother and California raisins stopped using his hair in their adverts.

Jermaine says that he never saw Michael Jackson “act in any way that was out of the ordinary“.

… for Michael Jackson?

In other news Peter Andre has been in London opening a Virgin – a Virgin Media store at the sprawling Westfield mall. Tsk!

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Ian Wright MP: Indepedent Schools Offer Less Choice Than State Schools

mp_iain_wright_604412aEDUCATION Minister Ian Wright brings shocking news to independent school pupils and their parents and guardians. Put down your wargaming soldiers, your hockey stick, your rugby boots, your flute, your paint brush, your school magazine, your running spikes, your passport and hear the words of Ian Wright:

“Private schools have a much narrower range; the choice is much narrower. There is a much broader suite of subjects and qualifications available in maintained schools and colleges. In that respect, the maintained sector are doing just as well, if not better.”

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