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The All Hair Hockey Team 2015 are ready to be appraised

The All Hair Hockey Team


The All Hair Hockey Team 2015 are ready to be appraised:


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Russian Youth Hockey fight is better than every football brawl you’ve ever seen

russian hockey fight

FIGHT! The best unscheduled on-field sports fight I ever saw live was Manchester United v Arsenal in 1990. That was 21-man brawl (only David Seaman stayed clear of the argy-bargy). Compared to this, however, it was child’s play. In the Russian hockey youth match, a fight breaks out. The referee is not a giant. The fighters really are so very small.

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Snigger Of The Day: La Kings’ Dustin Brown Takes A Drink

SNIGGER of The Day features LA Kings team captain Dustin Brown quenches his thirst. It’s the snigger that makes it funnier, isn’t it. Like the Fenton video, the final snigger puts the tin lid to the joke…

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Video: Sledge ice hockey brawl

DURING a recent sledge ice hockey (it’s like ice hockey but for paraplegics and those with other lower-body afflictions) game between USA and Canada, it all kicked off (maybe the wrong choice of phrase, but you know what we mean)…

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Enjoy the new sport of foot-ice-hockey

IN which Dominic Moore, an ice-hockey player for the Toronto Maple Leafs, loses his stick and shows off some (entirely legal) fancy footwork that almost led to an amazing goal. Watch it below…

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Hockey Stick: It’s Raining Dildos In Sweden

HEADLINE of the day: “Swedish hockey fans delay match with dildo downpour.”

To the home of Stockholm-based AIK ice hockey team, where dildos, profane banners, and a giant inflatable penis are very mich in vogue.

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