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Thief escaped on foot after his car was repossessed as he robbed store

Che Hearn

Che Hearn, 25, was shoplifting inside an Illinois Wal-Mart store when his car was repossessed.At around 3pm police responded to a call of retail theft at the Wal-Mart. They spotted Hearn, who ran off. He told police that his car had been repossessed while he was at the Wal-Mart.

It turned out that the repossession company had followed Hearn. When he parked up and entered the store, they towed the car away, forcing Hearn to make his escape on foot.


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Florida teen will not be arrested for ‘date raping’ a snake that bit his face

snake kisser


Florida has long history of snake-human interaction. Usually its handling snakes to prove the existence of God’s love. But for 18-year-old Austin Hatfield, it’s all about the kissing.

Hatfield’s designated love interest was a water moccasin. To get it in the mood for smooching, Hatfield kept the creature in his pillowcase on his bed for many days and nights.

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Teenager Sticks Bare Bum On Electric Fence With Surprising Results

THE Electric Fence Challenge:

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Aussie Mates Mug Man For Video Of Them Robbing House, Post On YouTube

mate-attackTO Australia , where a man has filmed two Aussie teens breaking into a house and if to the police station, when…

A man who filmed two teenagers on his phone after they allegedly robbed a house was attacked by the pair before they stole his mobile and posted the footage on the internet.

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Associated Press Threatens To Sue Associated Press

HOW the media works: No.3241b. In the US, the Associated Press has called in the lawyers on a country radio station in Tennessee, WTNQ-FM. an,  er, affiliate of AP.

It must stop posting videos from the AP’s Youtube channel on its website.

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