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I’m A Celebrity Star In Death Horror

tick-im-a-celebrityTHE real stars of I’m A Celebrity are the bugs, the insects that are made to touch celebrity flesh and forced to endure showbiz teeth without the aid of sunglasses. You want to know why ANT ‘n’ Dec got the job? It’s all to do with dimensions and the dumb luck of a birth certificate.

But Chris Packham is unimpressed. Packham hosts Autumnwatch, a show brought to you live from a hut by a tree, in which you can hear and see Packham and other BBC employees watching British wildlife in the wild in the manner of pre-war school teachers examining a banana.

“I’ve seen spiders with plugs on their fangs. It’s not going to do them any good.”

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Posted: 4th, December 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comment