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Is Imogen Thomas pregnant in Thailand?

IMOGEN  Thomas tweets her holiday photos from Thailand. The one of the former not-Mrs Ryan Giggs Imogen in a bikini is familiar, but the shot of her holding up a small pot of frozen white produce and a spoon is novel. Ryan, did you ever see Imogen reading Liz Jones’ column?

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Imogen Thomas and Ryan Giggs shaft newspapers

RYAN Giggs has lost again. The Manchester United player claimed the Sun had “misused” private information. He was seeking damages for distress and a breach of his right to privacy in connection with his alleged affair with strumpet Imogen Thomas.

He presented his appeal to the High Court. And they tossed it out.

The Sun said Giggs’ claim was “dead in the water”.

Giggs said the Sun “misused” private information.

Mr Justice Tugendhat denied Giggs’ right to compensation.

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Imogen Thomas Did Not Try To Blackmail Mystery Footballer

IMOGEN Thomas will not be tried for alleged blackmail. The footballer has accepted that there was no basis with with to charge her with blackmail. Thomas says he feels “vindicated“.

It was alleged that the Big Brother contestant had blackmailed a Premier League player. At the High Court, Mr Justice Eady imposed a gagging order preventing the naming of the married footballer.

And we can’t name him. The injunction remains in place.

Eady did say this morning: “There is no longer any point in maintaining the anonymity.”

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Imogen Thomas Has Six Sessions With Abs: Photos Of A Twitter Role Model

IS Imogen Thomas setting herself up as role model? On Twitter, the strumpet who knew Ryan Giggs, tells one and all:

“Abs coming… 6 sessions and I’m feeling the best ever… Girls you can do it… trust me.”

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Celebrity Big Brother: Look Out For Kate and Gerry McCann, The EDL, Imogen Thomas, Natasha Giggs And Peter Andre

YOU know what Celebrity Big Brother needs? Yeah, Mohamed Al-Fayed. Richard Desmond (prop. Channel Five and Princess Diana obsessed Daily Express) rubbed his magic speed dial phone and – poof! – the Fulham Pharaoh appeared to host an Egyptian-themed task in which housemates were swaddled in bandages before being told to lie down and try to get up.

Tara Reid won. Should they make Boxing Helena 2 – You Okay Mommy? – Tara’s a shoo-in for the lead role.

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Imogen Thomas Calendar 2011 In Photos

IMOGEN Thomas – the Big Brother stumpet linked to taciturn non kiss ‘n’ tell merchant Ryan Giggs, of Manchester United – has been keeping her head down and getting on with work – as a glamour model for her new calendar.



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Imogen Thomas: Star Of Cock And Bum Telly

IT LOOKS like the question “What Now for Imogen Thomas?” has been answered.

The woman famous for not being able to talk about an alleged shag with married Manchester United football Ryan Giggs – and then for being usurped in the tabloid pecking order by Natasha Giggs (the player’s sister-in-law who did talk) – has a job.

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Ryan Giggs’ Women Turns Him Bald, White And Back To Black

RYAN Giggs, the Manchester United star who refuses to kiss ‘n’ tell (a true gent!)  is back on the cover of the Daily Star. When in doubt – when the dead tree press is in the mire – when The News of The World is dead and the paper buying minority look at their feet by the newsagent’s lowest shelf and consider what to buy – they will see the Star on Sunday and, if they like Ryan Giggs, they might buy a copy.

News is:


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Ryan Giggs Faces ‘Jail’: Manchester United’s Model Of Discretion Refuses To Kiss ‘N’ Tell

RYAN Giggs is going to jail? So says the Daily Star on its front page.

It makes a change from news that Ryan Giggs is going to Wembley. Or Ryan Giggs is going to a hotel room in Manchester with your wife.

News is:

RYAN Giggs faces jail over the gagging order he got to cover up an affair with glamour girl Imogen Thomas.

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Ryan Giggs’ Women: Lorraine Lever, Natasha Giggs And Pregnancy Sex (Photos)

FIRST Natasha Giggs, TV’s Natasha Lever, stepped forward to tell us that she’d been shagging her married brother-in-law Ryan Giggs. Now we learn that the Manchester United player “flirted” with Natasha’s mum, the lovely Lorraine Lever. (Where now Imogen Thomas?)

The Mirror announces on its front page:


As ever with tabloid stories of Giggs’ alleged cheating on his wife, Stacey Cooke, the sources are unnamed. The Mirror might hate super-injunctions, but it does so love an unnamed source. It tells us:

A source close to 34-year-old Rhodri said: “It was a great source of mither amongst the Giggs’. Some of the family felt Ryan was getting a bit too close for comfort to Lorraine and words were exchanged. Certain people accused Ryan of flirting with her whenever they were together and things eventually came to a head.”

He shagged her over the Christmas turkey?

“Ryan laughed it off, saying they were getting the wrong end of the stick, but things were heated.”

He shagged the turkey?

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Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs Had ‘Sex’ With Sister-In Law Natasha: Imogen Thomas Might Weep

RYAN Giggs had an eight-year-affair with his brother’s wife, one Natasha Giggs? The News of The World makes the claim on its front page.

If true, this is hard luck on Imogen Thomas, who was the only woman other than Giggs’ wife who had shagged the married family man. Now, we learn that Imogen is, allegedly, no longer unique. And – more cruelly – she wasn’t even the first. That’s important. As any Manchester United fan will attest, no-one remembers who came second.

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Imogen Thomas And Jermain Defoe In Denial: The Spurs Theory

IS Imogen Thomas of Ryan Giggs repute (and we knew about the alleged affair ages ago –  just as Chelsea White, allegedly) grabbling with Spurs pocket-sized dynamo Jermain Defoe? We thought she said she was. Now, we read that she isn’t. But given the PR-driven nonsense, Thomas and Defoe seem well suited. As he says of his time at Spurs – interrupted by being sold to and then bought from Portsmouth:

Not once in six years have I asked to leave Tottenham” – Jermain Defoe on Sky Sports, May, 2011

It was like when I decided to leave and went to Portsmouth because I got to a situation where I thought: ‘I’m not sitting on the bench’” – Jermain Defoe, March, 2011

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Bald Imogen Thomas Shags Jermain Defoe As Ryan Giggs Loses Champions League

IMOGEN Thomas… What news? The News of The World tells us:

The beauty snuggled up to old flame Spurs striker Jermain Defoe on a romantic break at luxury health resort Champneys. She is rekindling her romance with him after he supported her through the scandal.

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Imogen Thomas ‘Strips’ For Manchester United

HATS off to Imogen Thomas and Paddy Power for creating an advert in which the topless stunna linked to Ryan Giggs wears a Manchester United top alongside the command ” BLOW ME!”

The advert is intended to get you placing bets on the UEFA Champions League final at Wembley between Giggs’ United and Barcelona.

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Imogen Thomas Is ‘Dead’: Ryan Giggs’ Babe Sacrifices Herself For Champions League Final

CAN the Daily Express combine topless stunna Imogen Thomas and The Champions’ League final between Ryan Giggs’ Manchester United and Barcelona into one story?

Well, it can try…

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Imogen Thomas Wants To Protect Her Kids: Oh, The Irony

THREE papers are sticking with Ryan Giggs. The Star says Thomas is off to see her lawyer. And, no, that’s not because she’s sleeping with him. The Mirror leads with (HE’S STILL MY MAN”). It’s Stacey Cooke, aka Mrs Giggsy, who says she will not leave her footballer. It’s odd that a woman whose husband allegedly wanted to keep the story of his alleged infidelity out of the papers should talk to the Mirror?

The paper reports:

Just days before he and his Man United teammates take on Barcelona in the Champions League final, heartbroken Stacey Cooke told him: “Go out there and play the game of your life.

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The Ryan Giggs Guide To Killing A Sex Story

ONE day on from Ryan Giggs appearing on the front page of ten national newspapers, the Manchester United footballer John Hemming MP named in Parliament as the married footballer exposed on Twitter as having an injunction over an alleged affair with reality TV star Imogen Thomas, is one just two front pages.

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Imogen Thomas Interview: Ryan Giggs Cost Her £100,000 And Her Hair

RYAN Giggs. Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs Ryan Giggs. Nice to be able to actually say his name out loud isn’t it? Thanks for falling on the sword John Hemming MP.

Anyway, all this Ryan Giggs business has been a unravelling farce which no-one can fully agree on.

Either way, there was a situation when many were saying his name over and over, while the press was gagged. The press didn’t like it and were always going to retaliate, which they’ll do in spades to the footballer who has caused his own Streisand Effect.

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Ryan Giggs Puts His Dongle Away: Imogen Thomas Delighted (Great Photo)

RYAN Giggs is today more famous for his private life than for his football – and that is no easy thing to pull off when you consider that Giggs is the most decorated footballer in the history of English football.

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Imogen Thomas Promotes Scottish Independence: Super-Injunction Scandal Spreads

THE thing about the alleged super-injunction taken out by the married footballer who had an alleged affair with Imogen Thomas, is that you have to have an idea who he is to look up his name. What you need to add credibility to the claims and allegations is a reputable source to make the claim. A Scottish newspaper has done just that. And that means the story can get onto Wikipedia and remain there. Jimmy Wales, who founded the site, tells BBC Radio 4:

“The Wikipedia community does not allow such things to come on the site unless there is a reliable source which currently there isn’t because the newspapers aren’t allowed to publish.”

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Imogen Thomas Super-Injunction: Everyone In Jail By Tea Time

WHAT front-page news on the alleged Premier League footballer who took out an alleged super-injunction to prevent media interest in his alleged affair with Imogen Thomas?

Well, having obtained a High Court order asking Twitter to reveal details of users who had revealed his identity (but is it him?), the papers report:

Sunday Times (front page): “D’oh! Radio 4 unmasks player”

However, the footballer’s move prompted an avalanche of online publicity, with thousands of Twitter users repeating his name.

The trend was reinforced yesterday when Today, BBC Radio 4’s flagship current affairs programme, appeared accidentally to identify the footballer when a guest blurted out his first name during an interview.

While the BBC sought to play down the affair, the comments were picked up and broadcast all over the internet — including in tweets by at least two of the corporation’s own journalists.

After the blunder, a highprofile BBC correspondent wrote on Twitter that the guest had “got just one syllable into breaking the footballer super-injunction”.

BBC staff were among those to name and refer to the footballer in other tweets on Friday and yesterday.

One senior broadcast journalist at the BBC named a footballer in three messages and dropped several hints about CTB’s identity, as well as making a sarcastic reference to the player as a “family man”.

Daily Mail (front page): “TV STAR FIRST TO FACE JAIL OVER TWEETS”.

Is this a form of rape, Ken Clarke – to have the law place a hand over your mouth to prevent you from moving and speaking freely? Is it justice to have the alleged truth suppressed by the rich?

A journalist on one of Britain’s most respected newspapers – who also appears on a widely-viewed BBC programme – could face a jail sentence after naming on Twitter a Premier League footballer who had taken out a privacy injunction.

The hacks name is not repeated in print because in doing so readers might want to seek him out on Twitter and thereby learn the name of the person who, allegedly, is alleged to have taken out an alleged super-injunction to prevent his alleged mistress, one Imogen Thomas, talking of their alleged affair.

The England footballer, known only by his court codename of TSE, instructed lawyers to ask the judge to pass the case on to the Attorney General’s office. And he agreed.

Hold on a moment. TSE? That’s not the chap known as CTB in legal documents relating to Thomas. It’s another footballer?

Any more facts?

Last night the newspaper for whom the author of the messages is believed to write, said they did not think that the case related to them. But when asked whether they had been contacted by Schillings about the messages, the newspaper declined to comment.

Anyone who has ever campaigned for restrictions on tabloid tactics should blush. We need a free press. Without one, we get a shiny version of Pravda. And if you want to be exposed, try not shagging a woman who makes a living exposing herself

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Imogen Thomas’s Gag: When Secrecy Becomes A Tyranny

IN response to Anna Leach’s article on the allegation that a footballer is suing Twitter over his name being linked to an alleged super-injunction banning Imogen Thomas from naming him in an alleged affair, Alan writes:

It appears to many that the use of super-injunctions are the preserve of the super-wealthy to protect their privacy. There is no Privacy Law in Britain and lawyers acting on behalf of the applicants have been going to the High Court (English) to seek super-injunctions using an interpretation of the Human Rights Act 1998.

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Imogen Thomas And The Footballer: How To Take A Secret Global

IMOGEN Thomas has gone from zero to potential hero. The woman who days ago was labelled an alleged blackmailer is now the woman who could name the footballer who allegedly shagged her and then gagged her.

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A Person We Can’t Name Sues Another Person We Don’t Know The Name Of: Twitter Stuck In #Superinjunction Court Case Hell

BAD news for Twitter as an anonymous celebrity has decided to sue the social networking site for breaking a super-injunction. Both Twitter and the anonymous user behind a Twitter feed that named the celebrities behind the super-injunctions could end up in the docks in London.

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Imogen Thomas: Blackmailer Or Not?

THIS writer has been warned away from a number of stories thanks to the ubiquitous super injunction. Kinda irritating when you meet the celebrity in question and have to stand there with a big shit-eating grin on your face, coupled with whitened knuckles of frustration.

One super injunction that seems to have a whole bunch of names attached to it regardless is the one involving Imogen Thomas, who you may remember as being ‘Her Off Big Brother 7 Who Had The World’s Most Listless Sex Tape Leaked’.

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