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England 3 Egypt 1: John Terry Fails To Shag Anyone, In Photos

ENGLAND tonked Egypt 3-1 on the Wembley sand – England are nothing if not gracious hosts eager to make their visitors feel at home. John Terry was booed a little. Someone who’s mum might have shagged the Chelsea captain held up a sign saying “WE FORGIVE YOU”. And Our Man saw it all. We’ve the pick of the pics. And do enjoy these next:

Did Your Mum...?

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England fans hold up a sign aimed at England's John Terry, in the stands prior to kick off

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Hello! Introduces The ‘Real’ Prince William, In Photos

6071-bIN this week’s Hello!, Prince William is wearing Wayne Newton’s hair. Can it be that the son of the celebrity Princess, Diana, has dyed his tresses? The front-page headline says that this is “THE REAL WILLIAM”.

It turns out that the Real William has jet black, thick hair and is not a bit like that William with the mousy sparseness.

On page 1 of the William special, Real Wills tells us:

“The diptych that I have created with Jeff is a reminder of the way in which all of us – whatever path our lives have taken – are ultimately neighbours and share a common bond.”

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Ice Bear Project Slides Into Traflagar Sqaure, In Photos

SO there we were stood in the cold when sculptor Mark Coreth arrived in Trafalgar Square sat on top of his life-sized ‘Ice Bear’ sculpture as part of the WWF’s campaign to highlight the plight of the bears in the Arctic where, it says here, melting icecaps are threatening their survival. This is interactive ice, and The Ice Bear may be touched by the public and in so doing contribute to its gradual melting, symbolising man’s supposed part in the melting of the ice caps. As the ice melts a bronze polar bear skeleton artwork inside the bear will slowly be revealed. Yeah, under the ice there are previous ores and minerals. We’re saved!


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Sculptor Mark Coreth sits on top of his life sized 'Ice Bear' sculpture in London's Trafalgar Square, as part of the WWF's campaign to highlight the plight of the bears in the Arctic where melting icecaps are threatening their survival.

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After Holly Sampson Meet Arrested Child Star Brian Bonsall, In Photos

brianbonsallthenandnow-300x192STILL reeling from the news that Wonder Years’ actress Holly Sampson should become a porn star and, allegedly, have sex with golfer Tiger Woods in amateur capacity (did she see it as her last chance to become a waitress?) we learn of another child TV star on the skids. It’s Brian Bonsall, of Family Ties. Anorak’s Man in LA reports:

LAST week it was Meredith Baxter making headlines… now it’s Brian Bonsall, the lovable little tike who played kid brother Andrew Keaton.

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Stella McCartney Hires The Mighty Boosh To Switch On Her Lights, In Photos

WHEN we saw the invite to see Stella McCartney turn on the Christmas lights, we thought Paul McCartney’s daughter was turning on the Oxford Street lights, the ones that make it better to see shoplifters. But no, Stella was turning on the lights in her shop, something one imagines she or an underling does every day.

Helping her to turn on the lights were Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt of The Mighty Boosh, who flipped the switch to the thrill of such passers by as Lulu, Kate Moss, Pam Hogg, Twiggy, Jamie and Louise Redknapp and Paul McCartney. Katie Price is available for when the lights need turning off. The pictures:


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Stella McCartney and her husband Alasdhair Willis are seen outside her shop as Stella turns on her Christmas lights at her West London boutique.

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Paloma Faith Plays Koko, In Photos

ACTRESS and singer Paloma Faith performs at the Koko, London. Anorak was there to see the woman who looks like a young Geena Davis channelling Helena Bonham Carter in Lady Gaga’s wardrobe. Says she:

“I was on their [Hollyoaks] music show – had I been offered a part on Hollyoaks, I would have firmly declined it because it’s rubbish.”

It’s all pretty entertaining. We’ve got the pictures – Anorak – bringing you music acts beyond the reality TV dross:


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Paloma Faith performs at the Koko, London

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