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In Pictures: Nick Clegg, Gordon Brown And Griffin Executed At May Day Rally In Trafalgar Square

TO Trafalgar Square, then, for the Trades Union May Day rally. Nice weather for chaps – and chaps in chaps. It was a nice sunny day in London. The kind of nice sunny day when a man is minded to pull on a leather-look hood and execute Gordon Brown. And then hang Nick Clegg in front of the Houses of Parliament. And because it’s a nice day and the Left are anti-violence and war and stuff, why not kill Nick Griffin, of the BNP? No-one could think of good enough reason not to. So he was killed. Good day out. Bring the kids…

PS – No-one killed David Cameron – is he the union’s hero?


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A dummy with the head of Liberal Democrat Leader Nick Clegg, is hung in front of the Houses of Parliament, in a mock execution during a demonstration by Election Meltdown, in Westminster central London

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