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Incredible Hulk arrested for drugs dealing

MUG Shot of The Day features Scott Anderson, of Radford, Coventry, who was caught selling drugs outside Coventry’s Skydome nightclub. He was, m’lud, dressed as The Incredible Hulk.

At Coventry Crown Court, Anderson’s defence goes on the record to say the accused “couldn’t have stood out more”.

Says Shane Crawford, defending:

“This was a serious lapse on his part, a serious lapse and aside from the comedic element, his dress, he couldn’t have stood out more to police. This was a drunk man seeking to get some money back for a purchase that he had made for himself. It was a drunk attempt to get his money back on his way home. That’s very different from low level street dealing.”

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Posted: 26th, December 2011 | In: Strange But True | Comment