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Paraplegic man blows off leg with dynamite firework

TO Oakland’s Hazel Park, where a 21-year-old paraplegic is lighting fireworks for the July 4th celebrations. His routine is to light the rockets in his lap and then place them on the ground for detonation. But one lit firework has slipped. It goes off, blowing off the man’s leg below the knee and sending it like a missile 50 feet across the street.

Says an eyewitness: “There was debris everywhere, including flesh and bone.”

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Americans Kill British Troops On Indepedence Day

new-orleans-battleTHE US is celebrating killing British troops on Happy Indepedence Day, with Johnny Cash. So says Yampster in the Forums:

It’s a little known fact that as the battle of New Orleans was fought after peace was signed between Britain and the USA it’s the first recorded case of the Americans killing British servicemen while at peace with them. Of course we had to wait for over a century before they started killing us while we were on the same side.

Happy ID Day…

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