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Cartoonists Respond To President Erdogan’s Attack On Free Speech

Steve Bright

Steve Bright

IN Turkey – the UK and US’s ally – cartoonist Musa Kart has been arrested for “insulting” President Erdogan with a cartoon of the esteemed leader as a hologram looking on as a robbery takes place. It’s refence to a story on corruption in low places.

(If you think hurling an insult should not be a crime, you need to take a look at what passes for law breaking on Twitter. Turkey might not be so different to the UK )

Freedom of Speech is all important. Cartoonists came out on support of Kart on the #erdogancaricature hashtag. Erdogan alleged Kart was guilty of “insulting through publication and slander”.

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Posted: 24th, October 2014 | In: Politicians, Reviews | Comment