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Jake Bugg: Everything That’s Wrong in Modern Music



ONCE upon a time, rock and pop lived together in perfect harmony and music fans didn’t feel the need to pick sides. Then, at some point in the ’80s, indie music came and spoiled it all, taking up the same opinion as people like Morrissey, who needlessly hit out at anything that was vaguely popular.

In 2014, too many White Artists With A Guitar (WAWAGs, pronounced Waaaaaaaah Wags) feel the need to hit out against pop music because it makes them feel more authentic when they talk about ‘real music’ and other horsepiss.

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Are the Arctic Monkeys ‘indie’ Enough?

INDIE. There’s a funny word. In music terms, it used to mean ‘signed to an independent’ label. That meant bands signed with Stock Aitken & Waterman would be in the weekly indie charts. However, at some point, ‘indie’ meant ‘a specific type of rock music’.

Indie credentials have never really been clear, but basically, what it seems to mean is this: Bands comprised mainly of white men or women, playing with one or two guitars, a bass, a drumkit and possibly a keyboard player – throwback 50s/60s haircuts preferred.

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Alex James Is Doing Everything He Can To Stop You From Liking Britpop

Blur bassist Alex James at an exhibition showing the environmental effects of cocaine production on Colombia, in Trafalgar Square, London. Picture Date: Wednesday May 21, 2008. Alex James, who recently filmed a documentary on Columbia's cocaine trade, launched the exhibition with Vice President of Columbia Francisco Santos and Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker. Watch for PA story POLITICS Cocaine. Photo credit should read: Dominic Lipinski/PA

Blur bassist Alex James at an exhibition showing the environmental effects of cocaine production on Colombia, in Trafalgar Square, London.

NOSTALGIA is a wonderful thing, regardless of what idiots say. 90s kids remember the times they were thin, first started drinking, bought their first pair of flared cords, smoking fags in clubs and kissing people ill-advisedly who wore velvet blazers. Marvellous times, just like everyone’s teenage years.

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Morrissey loves This Charming Charlie: Peanuts does The Smiths


MORRISSEY may hate meat, but he doesn’t hate Peanuts. The professional pathos peddler has come out in support of Tumblr, ThisCharmingCharlie, saying that he’s “delighted and flattered” by reworkings of the Snoopy-starring comic strips that feature lyrics by his former band The Smiths.

In a statement released to fansite True To You, the singer swatted away claims that he had anything to do with record label attempts to take down the site.


“Morrissey would like to stress that he has not been consulted over any takedown request to remove the Tumblr blog named ‘This Charming Charlie’,” the message read.

“Morrissey is represented by Warner-Chappell Publishing, and not Universal Music Publishing, (who have allegedly demanded that the lyrics be removed). Morrissey is delighted and flattered by the Peanuts comic strip with its use of Morrissey-Smiths lyrics, and he hopes that the strips remain.”

The website has posted a letter sent to Tumblr from Lauren LoPrete’s legal representatives, outlining fair use to use the lyrics.


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Arctic Monkeys on X Factor and beer bellies

The Arctic Monkeys, winner of the Band award, pose backstage at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in association with Hugo Boss at the Royal Opera House, London.

THE world of rock music is a dreary place at the moment and one of the few likeable bands on the circuit are Sheffield’s Arctic Monkeys. Whether you like their music or not, they seems to stand for something rather good. They’re defenders of the working classes without being boorish. They’ve always had half decent haircuts. They have fuzz pedals.

And in an interview on Newsnight, AM’s frontboy Alex Turner got onto pop music.

Turner defended the existence of X Factor:

“People get too angry about X Factor and talent shows. Just let them get on with it; you need that to kick against. People talk about how that’s ruined everything but there’s always been shitty pop music,whether it came from a television show or not.”

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Rihanna isn’t ‘authentic’ according to thunderously drab indie band

YOU’VE heard the same arguments against pop music time and time again, never once getting any more original, witty or incisive – ‘pop music isn’t real music’. Usually, these gripes come from crashingly dull indie bands who think they’re part of something more ‘real’ or ‘better’ because they’re stupid enough to believe that picking up a guitar and playing the same 4 chords every other indie band is playing, is somehow more valuable than anything else.

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Shaun Ryder Drops Happy Mondays Reunion Hint

BALDING, shuffling, pink-faced thirtysomethings REJOICE! Not only are The Stone Roses hauling their ample arses out to relive your youth in sweaty fields, but so are the Happy Mondays! Stella Artois shares rocket as a result while Longsight drug labs start churning out speckled Es in a bid to cash-in on this dreadful Madchester nostalgia trip!

Northside are still of no fixed talent.

Anyway, Shaun Ryder is dropped hints heavier than his mortgage bills that his ragtag band are making a comeback next year. Of course, they’ve done the reunion thing on countless occasions already, but why should that stop Ryder and his new, eerie Hollywood teeth?

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Morrissey Fans Searched For Their Meat At Gig

WHILE the big news of the week is the death of Czech painter Zdenek Sykora, one of the first to use computers for geometrical paintings, we’re more interested in meat.

That’s right, Morrissey continues to have his very public nervous breakdown over what people eat, which will hopefully end with the former Smiths frontman naked in a public square, weeping openly as he gorges on dripping burgers and stale fried chicken.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Says Marriage ‘Isn’t Perfect’ While Pointing At Stupid Chris Martin

SURPRISE! Being married to Coldplay’s Chris Martin isn’t all its cracked up to be! For starters, just imagine him walking around the house singing to himself. You’d either cut your ears off with pinking shears or take a screwdriver to this throat.

Of course, it isn’t that one-sided. Imagine the horror of having to deal with Gwyneth Paltrow crying every time she accepts absolutely anything from anyone, welling up and preparing teary speeches when offered a brew or whatever.

And so, it isn’t a surprise that Gwyneth says her marriage to Chris Martin isn’t as wonderful as wonderful can be, saying “it’s not perfect”.

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Noel Gallagher Wants Liam To Come And Ruin A Perfectly Good Wedding

WARRING siblings, Liam and Noel Gallagher, haven’t seen eye-to-beady-eye since they collectively knocked Oasis on the head. A welcome relief for anyone with ears and at least one brain cell.

And thanks largely to the current crop of indie poppers all being dullards in tight, bollock-rupturing jeans, people still look to these bickering feather-cut headed has-beens for something to write about. With Noel getting married to Who Cares?, thoughts go to the fact that when families get together at a wedding, reunions can sometimes end in fistfights on the car park.

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Are The Stone Roses Going To Ruin Our Year By Reforming?

THE Stone Roses – a band who made one decent LP, followed it up with a collection of odds-and-sods, then bowed out with a sludgy blokerock LP that avowed contrarians defend to the hilt – may be reuniting to pay off some mortgages and generally remind everyone just how awful they were live.

Of course, it was roughly one year ago that this persistent rumour was last muttered about, and it probably has as much truth in it as it ever has.

However, there’s legions of slightly balding men in Adidas shell-toes and cod-mod parkas all desperate to see the return of a band they could never quite let go of.

With that, the Ben Sherman crew will be pink with glee and fizzing at the mouth with nostalgia at the reports that Ian Brown and John Squire have made friends after not speaking for around 15 years.

Apparently, the two muttered to each other about playing together again after meeting at bandmate Mani’s mum’s funeral. Nice to see two lads talking business while a corpse slowly goes cold before them.

It’s said that Ian broke the ice at the wake, as well as displaying one of the longest faces in rock ‘n’ roll. Before long they were hugging, back-slapping and reminiscing about the good times.”

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