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Intel Declares Itself Conflict Free! Coltan Congo Killers Sacked


OR rather Intel declares that its processors are now made without the use of conflict minerals. These so called “conflict minerals” are the stuff mined by the rapists and murderers out in Eastern Congo. With such names as “coltan” and “wolframite” they’re the sources of some of the metals (tantalum for example) that go into making all of our electronics.

And obviously it’s a good idea that people aren’t being enslaved to produce these minerals for us:

Did you know violent militias and rebel groups control many mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and surrounding countries, reaping millions of dollars from the sale of minerals extracted by exploited workers to fund conflict and human rights violations? With a firm conviction that a corporation can make a positive difference in the lives of global citizens by changing the way it does business, Intel is leading efforts to help address this problem by striving to eliminate these so-called “conflict minerals” from our supply chain. And today we are proud to offer the world’s first conflict-free1 microprocessors as one major step on this continuing journey.

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Intel Drops Staffers Off Building In Romania: Video

INTEL has been dropping staffers from a high building. You middle-managers can only look on in envy.

Posted: 19th, September 2010 | In: Money | Comment