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Porn Film Director Anna Arrowsmith, Aka Anna Span, Is LibDem Candiate For Kent

ANNA Arrowsmith, also known as director Anna Span, is MD of Easy on the Eye Productions, purveyors of such titles as Good Service, Hoxton Honey, Hug A Hoodie and Uniform Behaviour. Mrs Arrowsmith is the Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Gravesham, Kent.

As the blurb for Good Service says:

What does one have to do to get a decent shag these days?

Become an MP?

Jacqui Smith is yet to respond but should Mrs Arrowsmith get the vote, MPs and their spouses may qualify for some kind of staff discount.

Mrs Arrowsmith says:

“If people don’t know what I do for a living then they would never know. The local party and the local people who I have so far met have seen that I’m very driven.”

A spokesman for the Liberal Democrats offers:

“The Liberal Democrats are proud to have candidates throughout the country with a great diversity of backgrounds and life experiences. Anna will be a strong candidate for Gravesham, and with her family links to the area we believe she is the best person to bring fairness to local people.”

Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Gravesham Kathryn Smith is not in the least bit patronising when she says:

“What Anna does is certainly an unusual occupation but that is her choice and it doesn’t offend me.”


“What concerns me more is the Liberal Democrat’s confusion on the economy and soft approach on crime. They flip flop between expensive spending commitments one minute and promises of tax cuts the next.”

But Anna Span is good on health. This from A&O Department:

After many frustrated years working for the National Health clinics, these buxom matrons started their very own private hospital to service the needy.

And as for being tough on crime – there’s the Uniform Behaviour training video:

Britain’s hard working emergency services caught with their pants down! Often in groups of three or four. They’ll do whatever the job requires to serve the public

Vote Anna. And vote often!

Privately, Anna has been into all sorts of things including the contemporary arts, film, music, philosophy, photography, travelling (in early twenties she travelled around U.S.A, Cuba, Jamaica, Israel, Egypt, Europe, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe,) reading, fashion, music, shopping – and porn, porn, porn!!!


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