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Isabella Rossellini’s Nature Porn Video: Flip-Off With Flipper

ISABELLA Rossellini wants to show the world how dophins have sex. Those perverts are at it all the time. Well, it’s the spare hole and the latex suits. We’ve seen the anchovies at it. We’ve seen how these things do it. We’ve seen how the  bugs do it.

Now let’s see Flip-Off With Flipper does it:

· Green Porno (

Posted: 19th, November 2010 | In: Film | Comment

Isabella Rossellini’s Anchovy Sex Masterclass Video

ISABELLA Rossellini is back with Green Porno, and answering two questions: 1) What’s Isabella Rossellini been up; 2) Can an anchovy sex a squid?

Q and A session after…

Green Porno (

Posted: 24th, September 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comment

Isabella Rossellini’s “Green Porno” Under The Sea

THE long-awaited follow up to Isabella Rossellini’s “Green Porno” is under the sea…

Posted: 26th, March 2009 | In: Celebrities | Comment