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After Tiger Woods And Thierry Henry, It’s Roger Federer’s Close Shave

roger-federer-woods-henryAS TIGER Woods does his best to make golf look interesting – and offer an explanation as what attract men to a hobby that takes hours and hours to play among trees – we wonder about Roger Federer.

Federer is now the world’s most boring sportsman. Before Rachel Uchitel didn’t, Jamiee Grubbs said she did and Elin Nordegren used her Kobe Grip on Tiger’s Baffing iron, Woods and Federer were two predictable sportsman, collecting silver cups and pots to much applause but little or no sensation. But now Federer stands alone.

Interestingly, Federer and Woods are two faces of Gillette razors, the third is… Thierry Henry. What’s that man of honour been up to of late?

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Posted: 3rd, December 2009 | In: Sports | Comments (6)