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ITV live news reporter has malfunction on camera

Have a heart for the live TV reporter padding out the known facts in the London drizzle. ITV goes live to its man in Westminster. Come in, Rohit Kachroo, who has Type 1 Diabetes (it was related to that):


I’ve been there. I was on the radio once and utterly lost my train of thought. He did well to maintain his cool. And it does make you wonder why he has to be live on the scene at all? Very rarely does the TV reporter’s location ever add to the story? After all, they are there long after the incident on which they’re reporting has passed.

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Who Replaces Andy Townsend at ITV Football: hooting simpletons, ‘better’ bores and other options

RAPTUROUS cheers broke out across Britain yesterday as ITV confirmed that Andy Townsend’s contract won’t be renewed when it expires in the summer.

Andy has been in-and-around ITV Football for over a decade now, including his much maligned ‘Tactics Truck’. He’s best known for ending every single sentence with ‘Clive’, stating exactly what’s happened a full 3 seconds after viewers have watched the incident AND replay of the event.

Quite simply, it is mystifying how Townsend held a job for so long on television. Then again, ITV also gave Jim Beglin a wage. At all. ITV are, of course, batshit mental.

Also on his way out is the nice, but ultimately ineffectual presenter that is Matt Smith.

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Bad News: ITV want the Premier League highlights back

THERE’S nothing quite as morbid and depressing as watching football coverage on ITV. In Adrian Chiles, you have a man who looks like pudding doing an impression of. the. slow. concentration. of. Tim. Love. Joy. and in Andy Townsend, you have a man paid huge sums to point out things that have happened in play, a full 5 seconds after the viewers at home have already noticed.

Then there’s Clive Tyldesley, who can’t be arsed learning the names of foreign played (notably, James Rodriguez) and who is in possession of a faux-grandiosity that is as irritating as it is insincere.

So, the bad news is that ITV are hoping to steal the Premier League highlights from the BBC and Match of the Day. You can almost hear U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ striking up and Matt Smith blankly looking into camera.

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ITV Passes Of PR Spin As News In Story On Cost Of Childcare During Teachers Strike

IN “Strike forces parents to find emergency child care”, ITV’s Simon Harris, has news of the teachers’ strike. He speaks with a victim of those striking teachers:

Tens of thousands of parents were forced to adopt emergency child care plans today as the teachers’ strike hit schools in London and the Home Counties. Some parents were forced to book a day’s holiday from work, some relied on the trusted fallback of grandparents while others ended up with a bill from a professional childminder.

One who paid the price for teachers exercising their right to demonstrate for better working conditions was Fiona Jull.  She’s “the director of a public relations company who lives in Wimbledon”. And she paid £75 for a childminder to care for Max, her 5-year-old miniature schnauzer (oh, come on, Max is a dog’s name, right?).

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Did BBC bosses know about Jimmy Savile allegations?

UNFOUNDED they may be, but people have long assumed the worst about Jimmy Savile, which of course, in our perpetual state of being in a coiled gossip spring, sees everyone jumping to certain conclusions after allegations were made against the infamous DJ recently.

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Let’s Watch Freddie Starr Cry On I’m A Celebrity! Full Line Up Revealed

SUNDAY sees the start of a whole new season of colon-chomping misery once again as I’m A Celebrity… GET ME OUT OF HERE! kicks off a new series, set to make a star, briefly, out of someone with a dreadfully faded, dog-eared career.

And who are the latest gaggle of attention seekers to find themselves in a forest filled with witchetty grubs, waiting to be popped in mouths like pus-filled cherry tomatoes?

First off, we have the vacant dimwit and The Only Way Is Essex star Mark Wright making his way there, hoping to become the next Peter Andre/conquest of Katie Price. He’ll be joined by pint-sized Willie Carson and McFly’s Dougie Poynter who no-one over the age of 30 can recall the face of.

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L’Oreal National Movie Awards: Photos Of The PR-Driven ITV Advertorial

ARE the L’Oreal National Movie Awards the most dire and desperate awards in the business? The categories Must See Movie Of The Summer and One to Watch: Brits Going Global show that this is an awards do formed by the PR industry.

You can tell a lot about the calibre of an awards do by seeing if it is on ITV (if it is, it’s most likely crap) and the venue: it’s Wembley Arena, a place blessed with all the soulfulness of Simon Cowell sat on pile of gold licking his eyelids.

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Jay Z Loses His Mind And Becomes Fan Of Kerry Katona

JAY-Z, for the most part, is a man you can trust. He’s given the world a frightening amount of great hip hop records, shared fine artists like Rihanna via his record label and, of course, he’s married to Beyonce which shows he has impeccable taste in the female form.

Or does he? You see, J-Hova has clearly lost his bap as he’s apparently come forward as a fan of Kerry Katona.

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Broken Fern Britton Leaves This Morning

IN “Broken Britton”, the Sun says This Morning “star Fern Britton is turning her back on the ITV show after she discovered co-host Phillip Schofield earns up to three times as much as her.”

See Anorak way back in February.

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Carol Vorderman, Rachel Riley And The Ice Bucket Romp

CAROL Vorderman’s principled campaign to raise the minimum wage for TV adder uppers and Milfs, has caused outrage in the media labour market.

Steve Roberts was heard to shout “This is for sacking Carol” before pouring a bucket of iced water over Channel 4 daytime boss Helen Warner.

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Madeleine McCann Rolling News: Robbie Williams And The Arab-Israeli War

MADDIE WATCH – Anorak’s at-a-glance guide to press coverage of Madeleine McCann, Kate McCann and Gerry McCann

BROADCAST NOW: “Faye Barker has been appointed as the new presenter of ITV’s morning news bulletin.”

She’s got form:

As well as interviewing celebrities Hillary Swank, Russell Crowe and Robin Willliams, she has covered major international events including the search for Madeleine McCann and the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Celebrity and disaster, all rolling news-ed into one.

PRESS GAZETTE: “Faye Barker to front ITV’s morning news bulletin”

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Grade The HobNobs At ITV

ITV internal memo from Max Graesser, ITV’s director of operations::

“These are difficult times for commercial broadcasters. We should all be thinking about saving ITV money – including bringing our own hot drinks and HobNobs to meetings.”

Meanwhile, ITV’s supremo Michael Grade collects his £1million bonus

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Carly Zucker’s naked bottom is more interesting than the Champions League

Last night’s Champions League action = meh.

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Reserves Turn Out For I’m A Celebrity

ONLY a very few knew the names of all the celebrities on ITV last night.

You can blame the lack of close up of the Wags, and the fact that Ant ‘n’ Dec were wearing the same kit as the indigenous tribe, but I’m A Celebrity was a game of two halves and little drama.

Good then that the Star has edited highlights of what viewers might have missed as ITV trained its cameras on Berlin.

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Lewis Hamilton Stands Up At The Italian Grand Prix

OVERHEARD on TV: It’s the Italian Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton is go… Go… Go!!!!

“Would the real Lewis Hamilton please stand up”James Allen, ITV

But how will his feet reach the pedals..?

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