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Ivory Coast: Let’s Get The Bad Muslims And Back The Good Christian

IVORY Coast is in turmoil. But Richard Bartholomew sees some good news for Pat Robertson and the Christian Broadcasting Network:

Ivory Coast: Good News During Civil War
By CBN Ivory Coast

…With strong support from pastors of various denominations in Ivory Coast, CBN began to make preparation for an evangelistic media campaign that would take place during the Christmas holidays. What no one expected though, was that the country would erupt into civil war.

….CBN WorldReach Director Peter Darg writes …”With a complete curfew from sun down to sun up, everybody is trying to race around to get to work, school or shopping and mostly creating massive traffic tie ups. After dark, everyone is at home watching TV, so the blitz (media campaign)timing is perfect in this regard (imagine what the USA TV networks would give to force everyone in the country to be in their homes every night watching the TV or face being shot).”

…CBN is also providing a series of 20 half-hour radio programs for the FM station in Abijan, Radio Frequence Vie. These radio programs are based on Pat Robertson’s best selling book and TV series Answers.

As I’ve blogged previously, Robertson sees the conflict in Ivory Coast in terms of a religious war between Muslim “rebels” and a Christian president: back in January, CBN ran a piece explaining that in the recent election Gbagbo “only lost to the Muslim challenger because of voter fraud” as concocted by ”Saudi Arabia” and “Muslims in France”.

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